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25 Best Sopranos Episodes Ranked


In a thread about the Season 6 premiere, Redditor u/somerton describes it as a “dense, masterful one-episode punch” that’s “expertly crafted” and begins in a “handsome way.” unique, mysterious and dark and funny”. “

“Members Only” picks up “The Sopranos” saga after a two-year time jump. Meadow is still dating Finn, Bobby and Janice are still together (and now have a baby girl), and Phil Leotardo enjoys his role as acting boss of the New York crime family while Johnny Sack spends his days behind bars. Now, however, AJ has enrolled in college and Vito has become one of the top earners. Add to that the rapidly declining mental stability of Uncle Junior, and it’s fair to say that the show’s final season is off to a great start.

Here, Phil briefly strains relations between New York and New Jersey when some of his men assault Hesh Rabkin and Eli Kaplan. Carmela annoys Tony by pushing him to have the suspension on his special house lifted and expressing deep concern over Adriana’s continued disappearance. Finally, mobster Eugene Pontecorvo – FBI informant and recent beneficiary of a $2 million inheritance – tries to get Tony’s (and the FBI’s) permission to retire and move his family to Florida. With several deaths, as well as a grim reminder of the kind of commitment mob life demands, this episode is one of the series’ best as it paints a vivid portrait of how this violent, crime-centric world mafia begins to crumble on itself.