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Aidan Ellis, Perry High School



NAME – Aidan Ellis

RESIDENCE – Massillon

AGE – 17

SCHOOL – Perry High School

GPA – 4.0

CHOICE OF COLLEGE – Ohio State University, Capital University or Case Western Reserve.

PARENTS – Lisa and Matt Ellis

BROTHERS AND SISTERS – Gavin Ellis, Keagan Ellis, Delaney Ellis

DESCRIBE YOURSELF IN THREE WORDS – Compassionate, determined, responsible.

SCHOOL ACTIVITIES – College Football (Two Year Letter), College Baseball (Three Year Letter), College Speech & Debate (Four Year Letter), Student Council President (11 & 12), National Honor Society (Treasurer), Link Crew, Interact Club, Business Professionals of America, Spanish Club, Lettuce Club (president), Ohio Model United Nations, Jungle Member and head of The Choir (student section that supports women’s sport).

COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES – Volunteer at Perry Helping Perry, Volunteer at Western Reserve National Cemetery through the Ohio Lawncare Association, Volunteer at Refuge for Hope, Election Officer.

HONORS AND AWARDS – AP Fellow with Honor, Twice National Speech and Debate Association Academic All American, Superior Seal of Distinction, Winner of the Award of Excellence in Competition, Twice State Qualified, First Alternate National Speech and Debate Tournament, three times recipient of Academic Honors, Mensa Recognition, Outstanding United Nations Model Resolution, National Honor Society, Boy’s State Citizenship Award recipient.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE OUT-OF-SCHOOL ACTIVITY? РMy favorite thing to do outside of school, as clich̩ as it sounds, is hang out with my friends and family. My family is my best support system, and hanging out with my friends on the weekends helps me stay relaxed and in a good headspace. Saturday nights are always fun for me. I also enjoy playing barefoot golf with my brother, Keagan, and talking about Browns with my older brother, Gavin.

PREFERRED MEMORY AT HIGH SCHOOL – My favorite high school memory, hands down, has to be leading the choir cheering on the women’s softball team throughout the playoffs. I drove our “bus” to every game, painted a jersey and made signs for the team. There were about 20 of us guys traveling behind the team wherever they went, providing them with energy. It was especially special because my sister, Delaney, was the starting shortstop. Hugging her after winning the Championship game was a moment that I will never forget.

MOST PEOPLE WOULD BE SURPRISED TO KNOW … – … that I played the bagpipe when I was younger.

WHAT DO YOU HOPE TO DO FOR A CAREER? – My dream would be to work in the Ohio Statehouse one day. Whether it’s representing my district, a business, or a strong belief of mine and others, the state house is where I feel the best that my interpersonal skills can be used.

WHAT IS THE BIGGEST PROBLEM FOR TEENAGERS TODAY – The biggest problem facing teens today is the inability to communicate effectively. We are extremely passionate about our opinions and beliefs, however, we lack the ability to listen with intention when it comes to hearing opinions that contrast with our own. Our generation is polarized in that finding a compromise seems like the last option we want. It’s always “I’m right, you’re wrong”. I believe that if we would sit down and listen to what our peers had to say, we would be able to find solutions more effectively.




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