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American Idol 2022 Updates – Top 7 Revealed In Drama Show Featuring Hunter Girl, Fritz Hager & Noah Thompson


THE TOP seven continuing on American Idol have been revealed.

After counting the American votes, Ryan Seacrest announced that the top seven were Leah Marlene, Jay, Noah Thompson, Fritz Hager HunterGirl, Nicolina and Christian Guardino.

Tonight was Disney night, and while Katy Perry dressed for the part, the top 10 remaining contestants sang their favorite Disney song.

Previously, Lady K was rescued by judges Katy Perry and Luke Bryan after winning the Judge’s Song Contest.

Other artists competing on tonight’s episode include Emyrson Flora, Mike Parker, Jay Copeland, Nicolina, HunterGirl, Noah Thompson, Leah Marlene, Christian Guardino and Fritz Hager.

The new episode comes after a previous American Idol winner, Laine Hardy, received a police warrant from Louisiana State University, according to a statement from the star.

LSU confirmed WAFB that there is an active investigation against the singer, but declined to provide further details.

Idol fans can watch the show every Sunday on ABC at 8 p.m. ET.

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  • Top 7: Jay Copeland

    Jay Copeland is a 23 year old musician from Salisbury, Maryland.

    He graduated from university two years ago, majoring in music.

    During his audition, he revealed he was on a scholarship to attend graduate school for acting, but dropped out after being told he had to choose between acting and music.

    After singing a Stevie Wonder song during his audition, Jay received a platinum ticket.

  • Top 7: Hunter Girl

    HunterGirl is American Idol’s first platinum ticket winner.

    The 23-year-old country singer is from Winchester, Tennessee, and her real name is Hunter Wolkonowski.

    When not focusing on her own music, HunterGirl works with music therapy veterans.

    She graduated from Middle Tennessee State University.

  • Top 7: Fritz Hager

    Fritz Hager III, 17, is from Tyler, Texas.

    Last week, the judges gave Fritz three song options, with each judge selecting a song to perform.

    Katy Perry selected The Beach Boys’ God Only Knows, and Lionel Richie gave her the Perfect option by Ed Sheeran.

    Hager ultimately chose the option of Luke Bryan from Wonderwall by Oasis and said he was thrilled when he heard he could portray him.

    After his performance, Bryan said he chose the song as a curve ball, and his inspiration for featuring it as an option came from hearing Hager getting ready with his band during a soundcheck in Las Vegas.

  • Top 7: Christian Guardino

    Christian Guardino, 21, joined American Idol for his 20th season and impacted the judges for his resounding voice and his ability to overcome the setbacks and struggles he encountered throughout his life.

    Originally from Long Island, New York, Christian was born legally blind.

    He was diagnosed with a rare genetic eye disease, Leber congenital amaurosis, which affects the retina, impairing the individual’s vision.

    His remaining vision continued to deteriorate as he got older, but when he reached his teens, Guardino took part in a gene therapy trial.

    The trial was successful and restored his eyesight to around 80%.

  • Protocols for this season

    This season, American Idol is once again airing live, but with the necessary safety protocols in place.

    To ensure the protection of cast, crew and contestants, the number of cities where auditions have been held has been reduced and judges are socially distanced.

  • How Covid-19 has affected recent seasons

    Season 18 of American Idol came to a halt due to Covid-19 protocols, but it was the first reality competition series to return to screens and air remotely.

    Using personalized Zoom technology, contestants who sang for producers were given the green light to move on to a judged audition.

  • How much does an audition cost?

    It costs nothing to audition for American Idol, as long as contestants meet the show’s eligibility criteria and cover their own travel and accommodation expenses.

    You must be between the ages of 15 and 28 at the time of your audition and you must also be a legal resident of the United States and not have participated in the Top 10 from a previous season.

  • When do candidates repeat?

    Unfortunately, American Idol contestants can’t relax on the weekends.

    Saturdays and Sundays tend to be even busier than weekdays, as candidates have to do intense rehearsals.

    In addition to weekend rehearsals and sessions with vocal coaches, contestants do three more rehearsals on the day they are scheduled to perform.

  • 20 years celebration

    The famous singing competition returned for its 20th season this year, with some changes.

    American Idol first premiered in 2002, and host Ryan Seacrest was celebrated at this season’s premiere for his involvement with the show over its 20th anniversary.

  • Has American Idol been cancelled?

    The singing competition series ran for 15 seasons on FOX before being canceled in 2016, TV series finale says.

    However, ABC revived the show in 2018 and brought back host Ryan Seacrest.

    This season, Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan all returned to judge the show, with Bobby Bones not returning due to conflicting commitments.

  • Who are the judges?

    Judges Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan returned as American Idol judges this season, and executive producer and showrunner Megan Wolflick said they were thrilled to have them back.

    “The chemistry and passion that Katy, Luke, Lionel and Ryan bring is second to none. We couldn’t be more thrilled to have them back for this iconic 20and season in search of the freshest new talent this nation has to offer.

  • When did American Idol start?

    Created by Simon Fuller, the American Idol reality competition series premiered on Fox on June 11, 2002.

  • What happened to Kenedi Anderson?

    At the start of the season, Kenedi Anderson made history by earning the show’s first platinum ticket, which allows contestants to bypass the first round of Hollywood Week.

    Despite being a season favorite, she shocked fans when it was announced on the April 11 episode that she had pulled out of the competition for “personal reasons.”

    The rising star then took to social media, where she confirmed the news.

    She wrote in an Instagram post, “For personal reasons, I cannot continue on American Idol.

    “It was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make, but I know it’s necessary.”

  • Who was eliminated last week?

    Tristen Gressett, 17, was knocked out of the season on last week’s episode.

    For her final performance, Tristen sang You Can’t Always Get What You Want by The Rolling Stones.

  • Who went home?

    The three singers who went home tonight were Lady K, Emyrson Flora and Mike Parker.

  • Top 7 American Idols

    The first seven are:

    • Lea Marlene
    • Jay
    • Noah Thompson
    • Fritz Hager
    • HunterGirl
    • Nicoline
    • Christian Guardian
  • Voting time

    Based on American votes, three candidates will have to leave the competition after tonight.

  • The judges are proud of Fritz

    Luke said “you always pull it off”, and all the judges agree that Fritz killed the performance.

    They said he had proven that he definitely belonged on the show.

  • Fritz Hager next

    Fritz Hager will perform next.

    He will sing “Go the Distance” from the Disney movie Hercules.

  • ‘You were standing in your light’

    Luke told Christian he really wanted him to pull off this performance, and the singer followed suit.

    All the judges praised him for his amazing voice and said he nailed the song.

  • Christian Guardino is next

    Christian Guardino will perform next.

    The singer will perform “Circle of Life” from The Lion King.

  • The judges loved Mike

    The judges loved Mike’s rendition of the classic Disney song.

    They praised him for putting his all into every performance, and Katy especially liked the key change.

  • Mike Parker is next

    Mike Parker will sing next.

    He performs a rendition of “You’ll Be in My Heart” from the film Tarzan.

  • The Muppets on Idol

    The Muppets cast members have taken over the show tonight!

    Beloved characters like Animal and Miss Piggy joined Ryan Seacrest and the judges between performances.