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‘American Song Contest’ Semi-Final 2: Fans are moved by ‘authentic’ performance by American Samoa’s Tenelle


The heat rises, as the semi-finals 2 of the American Song Contest come to an end. So far the states that have qualified for the finals are – Alabama – Ni/Co, Colorado – Riker Lynch, Kentucky – Jordan Smith, Oklahoma – AleXa and Washington Allen Stone.

Semi-Final 2 are — American Samoa – Tenelle, California – Sweet Taboo, Connecticut – Michael Bolton, Georgia – Stela Cole, Kansas – Broderick Jones, North Carolina – John Morgan, North Dakota – Chloe Fredericks, Puerto Rico – Christian Pagán, Tennessee – Tyler Braden, Texas – Grant Knoche and New York – ENISA.

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Tenelle noted that it was humbling to be able to American Samoa, seeing that his song was about bringing people back to their roots. She dedicated the song to Polynesians around the world and said it was also an ode to her brother, who died of cancer. He was the one who encouraged her to sing, and now, for her, this song represented him. Fans loved every minute of her heartfelt performance.

“I forgot how amazing full circle is, Tenelle killed it!!!!! #americansongcontest #fullcircle” tweeted one fan. “I was silent during Tenelle’s performance, but that was because it was so important and genuine. #AmericanSongContest,” added another. “Did I cry on #americansongcontest yes what heartless person wouldn’t?!?! So much love to Tenelle from American Samoa,” one fan said. “Tenelle is exactly what this contest is about. A talent we would never have discovered otherwise, bringing the flavor of American Samoa. Her performance is such a moment. #AmericanSongContest,” one fan said. “Tenelle shows us that you don’t have to have this huge flashy show when you sing a pop song. Except maybe a few spinning pyrotechnics. She literally put her soul into the performance and you could tell she was holding back tears. Incredible Tenelle. #AmericanSongContest,” added another. “Everything about Tenelle’s performance feels genuine and from the heart. #AmericanSongContest,” another noted.

‘American Song Contest’ airs Mondays at 8/7c on NBC. You can vote for your favorite performances on the NBC website, NBC app, and TikTok. You can also stream songs from your favorite artists on your favorite music streaming app.

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