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Anand Parmar Production booming in the world of music



Music is the language of the universe. It makes you feel complete and connects your soul to the existing world. The greatest achievement of a musician is that his music is appreciated around the world. Such a production house labeled as “Anand Parmar Production”Tours the internet. The production house amazed people with melodic voices and garnered a lot of love from the audience.

Make music that calms the soul

“Anand Parmar Production” believes in producing music that rejuvenates soul and body. Mr. Parmar’s relentless attempts and winning mentality have encouraged him to create his own musical empire. With his music, he not only soothes the soul but prompts you to get up and dance.

Stimulate the growth of budding musicians

As an experienced producer in the music industry, he is committed to respecting budding singers and helping them get their music past established labels. With dedicated guidance and solid support, Anand Parmar is changing the world of music learners and enthusiasts.

“Anand Parmar Production” assists future stars

“Anand Parmar Production” is a wealth of talents who appreciate the rising star and support their soulful vocals. He has the conviction of raising others who wanted to climb high. His production house works constantly to discover creative artists and provide them with a medium to highlight their uniqueness.

“Anand Parmar Production” heals the world

Music has the power to change the lives of the people around it. It helps boost people’s morale and strengthens their mental and physical health. Credit goes to singers like Mr. Anand Parmar who with their music therapy sessions have the power to heal the world and encourage fitness enthusiasts to train more effectively.

From nothing to a well-recognized music producer, music composer, singer and singer, he has come a long way. His journey began in 1999 when he seized the opportunity to appear in Super Singer Channel Talent Hunt ’99, then Sa Re Ga Ma, and Picnic Antakshari in 2003. With lasting efforts and a positive aura, his songs have grown. rocked the world of stardom, presenting him with the “Best Singer Award 2007”, Saregama 2003 finalist and Channel Talent Search Champion. “Sukun” was her first musical performance directed by an international team and toured in Moscow. His latest Hindi song “Haseen Raato Mein” touched the hearts of millions of people, making him an overnight sensation. The other magical song that was toured and sung by her banner was “Meri Kahaani” released by the popular label Zee Music. His flourishing performances have supported the graph of his professional growth and success.

Having a strong presence in the music industry, Anand Parmar has performed many songs under his banner including “Haseen Raato mein”, “Dil Diya Gallan Mashup Cover”, “Sukun” and many more. Her song “Bas Tu” is going to be released very soon, drawing the public’s attention to her. From directing to production, the clip has been beautifully captured. Known as the powerhouse of the music world, Parmar has time and again rejuvenated his followers with his soulful performances and now the singer is on a mission to help young music stars establish their place in the music industry. .

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