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Anjunabeats partners with MIT for climate change study

Photo credit: Tyler Hill

Anjunabeats and MIT unite on a project around climate change and sustainability – the results and the discussion will be broadcast live on September 21!

Earth, the planet we call home, is suffering greatly. For life to continue and flourish, major changes must occur now. Fortunately, we have scientists around the world working quickly and diligently in response to the encroaching climate catastrophe, but it will take the strength and commitment of all of us to change the future. Skip to Plate is the famous music label Anjunabeatsand hand in hand with MIT Environmental Solutions Initiativethey worked on a unique project around sustainability awareness.

Working with Anjunabeats at the Gorge has been a unique experience to project into the future – a more climate-friendly, sustainable and equitable future. Bringing science to the heart of a musical experience is not only a powerful way to engage people on the challenges of climate change, but also inspires the potential for transformation. Anjunabeats has been a leader on these issues and MIT has deep expertise and engagement activities on climate change and many other environmental challenges. Working together at the Gorge has proven that we can do a lot to improve learning and spur real action for a better planet.

– Professor John E. Fernandez (head of the ESI program at MIT)

The project was unveiled in July during Group Therapy Weekender at The Gorge, designed by an Egyptian-born artist with a PhD from MIT. student Norhan Magdy BahomiWhere Nourey as we all know and love her. Combining live music, art installation and climate identity survey, the experiment remained active for 16 hours and 400 responses were recorded. Over 500 people interacted with the augmented reality art wall, and in the end, the experience left visitors with more awareness and maybe even a few burning questions.

Music unites us, just like science and technology. During the ABGT weekend this year, we had the chance to work with Anjunabeats / Involved Group on a beta project for climate communication. By merging AR technology with collaborative arts, we believe this could be a stepping stone into a larger space where audiences can better engage with climate change issues at live events.

– Nourey

Of course, for this project to fulfill its true purpose, the results must be presented, examined and discussed, and you are cordially invited to be part of the process. Everything happens during a event broadcast live on Zoom and Tic Wednesday, September 21 at 4:30 p.m. BST / 11:30 a.m. EST. So connect, learn and become empowered to help save our planet!

Anjunabeats and MIT Climate Change Study Live Stream

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