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Annual Peace March honors victims of gun violence



BAKERSFIELD, Calif .– “You already feel alone in this battle. [You’ve] been raped in such a huge way that any support a person can give means so much, ”said Wesley Davis Jr.

Wesley’s 16-year-old son, Wendale Davis, was shot and killed in 2006. Wesley established the Wendale Davis Foundation in his honor.

“We are involved in gangs a lot. We do mentoring and anything that is meant to support families who have lost loved ones, ”Wesley said.

The 14th Annual Peace Foundation Walk takes place in downtown Bakersfield on Saturday. Wesley said the main purpose of the event is to support families who have lost loved ones to gun violence.

Bakersfield Police will lead the mile-long walk through the neighborhood and lead back to a health and wellness fair with free lunch and music. Wesley said the best way to support their cause is to introduce themselves.

“For those of us as a parent like me, and I know tons of other parents and families who have lost loved ones, it’s a life sentence for us,” he said. “It never goes away, so anytime someone can come come out and stay with them, just a little love for them and say, ‘hey, we’re for you,’ that means so much.”

The people who killed Wendale Davis have yet to be found. Wesley said working with the community, especially other people who are going through the same thing, is rewarding and helps his family move forward.

“It helps us in a lot of ways to, you know, give back. It’s kind of healing for us, so we love what we’re doing, ”he said.

Walkers are requested to arrive early. The March for Peace begins at exactly 10 a.m. It will start and end at 730 Chester Avenue.