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B2K’s Lil Fizz shares emotional apology with Omarion on stage for dating ex Apryl Jones


It looks like B2K group comrades Omarion and Fizz may have called for a truce. The two were embroiled in some kind of beef and misunderstanding when Fizz started dating Apryl Jones, the mother of Omarion’s two children. All three appeared on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood during its inaugural season and beyond. In the first two seasons, Omarion and Jones were a couple but went their separate ways shortly after they stopped appearing on the show together. Jones claimed that Omarion abandoned her and their children without warning.

Flash forward several seasons later, Jones reappeared in the series. She said she and Fizz were close friends, but rumors persisted that they were platonic. But the two have denied this, despite intense flirtation and alleged confirmation from other co-stars and insiders. At the end of the season, Fizz and Jones were living together and finally confirmed that they were an item, much to the dismay of Fizz’s mother of child Moneice Slaughter and other co-stars. Many thought Jones and Fizz’s relationship was messy and inconsiderate for Omarion.

But Fizz claimed that he and Omarion had never been close friends. He also said he owed Omarion no explanation for his relationship with Omarion’s ex. Jones thanked Fizz for helping her piece together the pieces of her life after her split from Omarion. But that wasn’t enough to keep them together and they parted ways within a year.

By Jones, Fizz couldn’t stand the heat. She told Madame Noire: “I think it was a lot of pressure on our relationship… I think [Omarion] also played a part in that, which made him feel like he was putting me in a situation and you know, all that pressure, “she said.” It was just better to put it on. end and be friendly and walk away. because it wasn’t going to work. “

Now Fizz wants to bury the hatchet. Omarion was joined on stage at the Millennium Tour by Fizz during a recent stop when Fizz addressed the situation. “I want to sit here, humbly and sincerely apologize for any trouble or dysfunction I have caused between you and your family,” Fizz said. Jones has since been linked to Dr. Dre.

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