Home Emotional music Billy & The Kids deliver an emotional sendoff to Red Rocks with Billy Strings, James Casey and more [Videos]

Billy & The Kids deliver an emotional sendoff to Red Rocks with Billy Strings, James Casey and more [Videos]

Billy & The Kids deliver an emotional sendoff to Red Rocks with Billy Strings, James Casey and more [Videos]

After what was initially to be a unique spectacle in Amphitheater of the Red Rocks swollen in a two night run, there was a pervasive feeling throughout Tuesday night Billy and the kids show that we were all on probation.

Once again supported by special guests Billy Cordes and James casey, the extended ensemble led by Grateful dead drummer Bill kreutzmann brought out every last drop of excitement from her last scheduled performance.

Tuesday’s show began with another slow build, as each member of the quartet turned sextet dialed the collective frequency, eventually emerging with Circulation“Dear Mr. Fantasy” directed by Strings. It didn’t take long for the jam to turn into a bit of smooth jazz going through Casey’s saxophone before the keyboardist. Aron Magner ultimately laid the groundwork for Strings to speak on the “Hey Jude” coda that the Dead would often associate “Mr. Fantasy” with from 1988 to the end of the Brent Mydland time.

The story of “Cassidy” came next as Magner and guitarist Tom hamilton split the vocal tasks in a mellow mix before the jam got surprisingly spacious for such a lyrical song. Watch a pro-shot video of the opening segment of the song below.

Billy & The Kids, Billy Strings, James Casey – “Dear Mr. Fantasy”> “Hey Jude”> “Cassidy” – Morrison, CO – 07/13/21

[Video: Relix]

Billy & The Kids came back to reality just enough to slip into a “Jack Straw” that once again saw Magner and Hamilton control the mic. The merry “Jack Straw” wore a noticeable shade of Joe Russo is almost dead of energy as the improvisation sparked from all corners of the stage, with Strings delivering a dazzling solo that seemed to hurt.

Meanwhile, in the sky over Morrison, CO, a few light showers produced a rainbow against the dying sunlight. Downstairs, Billy & The Kids hit the first play stoppage of the night as “Jack Straw” came to a leisurely conclusion and provided a brief respite from the seemingly endless train of sequences that started the show.

This tranquility continued until the next song as Casey mistook the vocals for a touching version of the Charles Johnson-written live Jerry Garcia Group favorite, “My sisters and brothers”. The group then welcomed another special guest as Hamilton introduced the veteran Red Rocks Paul Hoffmann of Green bluegrass at the scene, joking that this might be his “big break.” The tongue-in-cheek commentary heralded a looping moment, as Billy Strings’ very first Red Rocks show returned in 2019 in support of Hoffman and Greensky.

The mandolin player joined in a rustic “My & My Uncle” which gave the voice to Strings and left Hoffman the solo. the Bob weir cowboy tunes continued to come with “Mama Tried,” where Magner provided a rootin ‘tootin’ piano solo before “Dire Wolf,” which completed a three-song series that Strings repeats frequently in his efforts in solo.

Billy & The Kids, Billy Strings, James Casey, Paul Hoffman – “Me and my Uncle” – Morrison, CO – 7/13/21


[Video: Music City Maven]

Billy & The Kids, Billy Strings, James Casey, Paul Hoffman – “Me and my Uncle” – Morrison, CO – 7/13/21


[Video: Music City Maven]

Billy & The Kids, Billy Strings, James Casey, Paul Hoffman – “Dire Wolf” – Morrison, CO – 07/13/21


[Video: Music City Maven]

After Hoffman left the stage, Billy & The Kids were able to resume more electrified jams, an ability they took full advantage of for a tough descent down “Shakedown Street”. The crack team at FANS knew exactly when to start with the psychedelic visuals, adding a bit of flair to an already transcendent saxophone solo by James Casey. This streaming viewer worried for a moment that next to Casey, Billy Strings appeared to have frozen half-ground. After a sustained note of nearly a minute, however, the multi-talented picker finished his musical buffering and helped close the number as well as the first set.

Billy & The Kids, Billy Strings, James Casey – “Shakedown Street” – Morrison, CO – 07/13/21


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The second set immediately got off to a flying start with a staggered recovery of WHO‘s “Join Together”, sung by Billy Strings. Billy & The Kids clearly threw out the rulebook for the second set, with an independent “Franklin’s turn” followed. With Tom Hamilton on vocals, one might assume he was just finishing the unfinished “Help On The Way”> “Slipknot!” movement he left hanging with JRAD at The fishing music festival two weeks ago.

Billy & The Kids, Billy Strings, James Casey – “Join Together”> “Franklin’s Tower” – Morrison, CO – 07/13/21

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After a funkified jam courtesy of James Casey, Strings took to their trusty acoustics to slow things down with “To Lay Me Down”. Meanwhile, on the other side of the stage, a newly sleeveless Tom Hamilton slipped down a slide to cultivate the mood as the group settled in for a long night without being in a rush to get to a particular location. .

Things started to gradually pick up speed with another JGB favorite in “That’s What Love Will Make You Do”, before the band cocked another curve by nailing the F minor chord to sound “Help On The” Way “, before being joined by his eternal partner,” Slipknot! “

Billy & The Kids, Billy Strings, James Casey – “To Go To Bed” – Morrison, CO – 07/13/21


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With “Franklin’s Tower” already played earlier in the set, the band instead took a detour to a “The Music Never Stopped” groove with Aron Magner singing the lyrics to a song that found new meaning in the return of the song. live music.

The musical train never stopped moving as the high speed locomotive raced straight into “Peggy-O” where Magner’s passion from the previous song filtered through the air and was intercepted by Strings who delivered a another stimulating vocal performance.

Billy & The Kids, Billy Strings, James Casey – “Peggy-O” – Morrison, CO – 07/13/21


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Things then began to calm down with one final streak in the second Beatlescover of the evening, a contemplative “Dear Prudence”. After a brief stoppage of play, Strings mistook the mic for another with an emotional “Brokedown Palace” before the group took off for a much-needed encore break.

Billy & The Kids, Billy Strings, James Casey – “Brokedown Palace” – Morrison, CO – 07/13/21


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Like the day before, the encore began with a segment “Drums” from Kreutzmann who once again saw him join Jeff Franca (Conspiracy). The rest of the group then joined the group as the larger ensemble launched a Terrapin station movement by cutting directly to the meat with “Lady With A Fan” followed by the holder “Terrapin Station”.

Now was not the time for that engine to roll into the station, however, as Billy & The Kids, Billy Strings, James Casey and Jeff Franca pooled all of their collective artistic and energetic resources for a fiery crescendo of “I Know You Rider” to close the evening.

Billy & The Kids, Billy Strings, James Casey, Jeff Franca – “I Know You’re Riding” – Morrison, CO – 07/13/21


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With no more Billy & The Kids dates on the horizon, Kreutzmann’s children – and his new parents – will once again scatter to travel the country with their respective groups. Like any good child, however, a day will come when they will need a home cooked meal or do their laundry and they will go home. Hopefully it won’t take another five years.

Billy K, too, will be getting to work this summer with a busy schedule of Death & Company tour dates. View a full list here.

Setlist: Billy & The Kids with Billy Strings, James Casey | Amphitheater of the Red Rocks | Morrison, CO | 07/13/21

Series One: Dear Mr. Fantasy> Hey Jude> Cassidy> Jack Straw, My Sisters and Brothers, Me and Uncle [1], mom tried [1]terrible wolf [1], Shakedown Street

Second series: Join yourselves> Franklin’s Tower, to lay me down, that’s what love will make you do, help each other on the way> Slipknot! > The music never stopped> Peggy-O> Dear Prudence, Brokedown Palace

Again: battery [2], Lady with a Fan [2] > Terrapin station [2] > I know you rider [2]

[1] with Paul Hoffman

[2] with Jeff Franca