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British party politics and Boris Johnson


Ofgem, Britain’s energy regulator, has announced a huge increase in the energy cap paid by some 20 million households, with Chancellor Rishi Sunak also unveiling a series of measures to counter this cost of living crisis. But that news was overtaken by news of four senior Downing Street advisers resigning from Johnson.

Over the past two years, the Johnson government has been ‘levelling up’ – rebalancing the amount of government investment in local communities and towns, where London and the South East currently take the lion’s share – to help cities in the rest of England. and Wales.

Michael Gove, the minister responsible for leveling, made a major announcement, covering more than £8bn (Dh39.7bn) of funding for leveling on Wednesday – but the impact of the scale of the investment was lost in criticism that it was an attempt by the Johnson government to distract from the partygate scandal.

Similarly, Johnson traveled to Kyiv and spoke with Russian President Vladimir Putin in a bid to defuse the crisis in Ukraine, but those diplomatic efforts were lost in fury over who attended what party at Downing Street.

For Tory MPs, where their inboxes are full of emails from constituents angered by partygate and the cost of living crisis, it is a time of deep reflection and reflection on the future of their leader who led to a huge electoral success just two years ago.

For Johnson, this chapter has weakened his authority and it remains to be seen if he can ultimately weather the current storm. But with so many storm clouds gathering over gas and fuel prices, National Insurance premiums set to rise on April 1, a crumbling Brexit deal in Northern Ireland and Ukraine on the brink, Johnson must put ‘partygate’ behind him once and for all.