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Children’s Services Board Supports Grandma’s Place

Roxanne Jacobs, Executive Director of Grandma’s Place, (center) accepts the $25,000 grant from the Children’s Services Council.

Grandma’s Place, a non-profit organization based in Royal Palm Beach, recently announced that it had received a $25,000 recovery grant from the Children’s Services Council. The grant is used for the Parent Support Program’s Ability, Behaviour, Learning & Education (ABLE) program.

Grandma’s Place is the only location in Palm Beach County that offers 24/7 respite services for parents of children with special needs from birth to 12 years old, including night and day availability. ’emergency.

In addition to family emergencies, night shifts are vital for first responders and parents of hospital staff, especially during this time of COVID-19. Respite services for parents include their child(ren) attending ABLE during their respite stay. The ABLE program offers extracurricular and weekend activities such as music therapy and specialized learning tablets, all of which promote self-esteem, inclusion and the development of social skills. Respite services are essential to the well-being of the family by strengthening and creating a stable family environment best suited to the development of one or more children with special needs.

Grandma’s Place became eligible for the $25,000 funding because it previously received support from the Council for Children’s Services through the Great Ideas Initiative. Since 2016, the Great Ideas Initiative has financially supported more than 85 forward-thinking local nonprofits that help children and families thrive.

The Children’s Services Council is a specialized government agency created by the voters of Palm Beach County. It provides leadership, funding, services and research on behalf of county children so they grow up healthy, safe and strong.

For more information about this program or Grandma’s Place, call (561) 753-2226, visit www.grandmaplacepb.org or email [email protected]