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Cole Swindell + Lainey Wilson both lived through “Never Say Never”


The old saying goes write what you know, and when Cole Swindell wrote “Never Say Never” with Jessi Alexander and Chase McGill, he added lyrics so immersive and dark it seems like they must have come from personal experience.

“I probably can’t say that, but certainly [I had someone in mind when I wrote it], admits Swindell in a recent conversation with Taste of rural nights. Told from the perspective of a person who cannot break free from a relationship even though they know it won’t end well, “Never Say Never” admits that “It’s hell and it’s heaven with you / Everything is possible / The ups are unstoppable. ”

Swindell’s moving new song is a duet with country newcomer Lainey Wilson, who scored his first No.1 hit earlier this year with “Things a Man Oughta Know” – a deeply moving ballad in its own right. In fact, the importance of emotional authenticity in the performance was something the two artists agreed on when they decided to work together, explains Swindell.

“I can not sing [a song] if I did not live it or if I did not want it or if I would not have done it. That’s kind of how it goes, “the singer said.” Me and Lainey both talked, you know, no matter where you are, how old, it seems like everyone has been through this at a given moment of life. “

“That’s why I said yes when he asked me to be a part of this,” Wilson nods. “I felt like I wrote the song myself. It just made me feel something. I think we’ve all been there in one way or another.”

“That’s why we love music: it’s accessible,” adds Swindell. “I think a lot of people hear that and it reminds them of someone whether they can say it out loud or not.”

The couple met in 2017 – even before Swindell wrote ‘Never Say Never’ – when they were introduced by their mutual publishing house in the hopes they could be soul mates in the bedroom. of the writer. Not only did they share similar visions of songwriting, but they quickly found that their voices complemented each other well.

“We laughed at the thought of it. We didn’t even start writing; we just recorded a duet,” Swindell recalls.

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