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David Alacey Gets Festive With Frank Sinatra In Christmas Show

David Alacey

To add to the fun of it all, this is the 25th Anniversary Tour: “And throughout next year we’ll be celebrating our 25th anniversary.

“The Sinatra started for me when I was studying acting at the time at Italia Conti,” David recalls, “and I needed an equity card. The easiest way to getting one was doing a variety number and working in the clubs and just building up your contacts and i didn’t know what to base my number on but it happened back when my parents had a spare ticket to see Frank Sinatra. It was in 1990. He died in 1998. And I also saw him again during his last UK tour in 1992.

“And I was completely knocked out. He was amazing. I was stunned by the fact that even though he was over 70 and his voice might not be what it was, he was still able to use his acting skills to give a excellent performance. He was a great actor. He had won an Oscar. And he used all those skills, especially when he sang the emotional songs.

“And I was bowled over by that. I decided to form an act out of his life story and little did I know that all these years later I would still be doing it.

“There’s still so much interest in him and I think you just have to realize that he was absolutely an iconic figure of the 20th century. You look at Elvis and Sinatra and the Beatles, the complete big names of the 20th century who have lasted the course. He had such charisma. Charisma is a big word for him. He encompassed not only singing but also acting and he was also a political figure involved in politics and he obviously had ties to the organized crime. The thing is, he was a really interesting figure that went way beyond music and acting.

And, of course, David really appreciates what Sinatra has done for him personally: “Every year on his birthday, I celebrate his life because he gave me an incredible career. Who knows what I would have done, how things would have turned out if I hadn’t taken this turn, but Sinatra certainly gave me a wonderful career in this business. I was very lucky to work on this show and what’s great is that there is such a variety of his songs. You can keep changing things. You are able to keep it fresh. Obviously, you can’t please everyone all the time. Last night in Inverness we didn’t do Strangers In The Night and someone complained to me that we didn’t do it but you can’t do everything and I’m sure we will do one more day.

Regarding the Christmas show: “The first half is like any other Rat Pack performance, but the guideline throughout the show is that they say, ‘Come on, let’s do some Christmas songs,’ and Frank being Frank keeps saying ‘Guys, that’s too soon’ but then, in the second half, the stage is set for Christmas carols.