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Emmy-winning composer Sumeet Sarkar calls healing mental health through music ‘unnoticed’


The kind of music we listen to depends on our mood and even determines the same. Listening to music can be therapeutic. Emmy Award-winning violinist and composer Sumeet Sarkar uses music as a remedy for mental health. The Los Angeles-based composer, whose works have been released on various platforms including Netflix and Apple TV, recently released an album that focuses on using music as therapy. In an exclusive chat with News18 Showsha, Sumeet talked about the same and explained how music invokes emotions that help everyone heal mental health.

“In the same way that you watch a film and it evokes emotions, there is a very special skill in composition – we were able to tell feelings and stories. When you watch films now, compared to cartoons where you hear sounds of what’s being done, like in Tom and Jerry, there are more emotional movies that evoke feelings that you can’t put into words I feel like in all my background in music composition, I have spent my time writing minimal mood music that can help to experience deeper feelings. For example, I will compose (music for) feelings of insomnia and take my audience on a journey that goes a long way and help them understand (what happened to them),” Sumeet said.

He also mentioned how he has not only composed music that helps people deal with mental trauma, but also with anxiety, anger or grief. “I write music about panic, music that evokes feelings for coping with panic attacks and going through all those phases of grief or anger and resolving everything in the end,” he shared.

Sumeet Sarkar also shared how he organizes online concerts and performances in a bid to help people suffering from depression. “Imagine an audience where the seats are beds they can lie on and relax on during a five-hour performance of sound healing therapy in composition form,” he said.

The Emmy Award-winning violinist and composer further shared that such therapeutic music keeps people motivated and positive. He also shared that the last two years of the coronavirus pandemic have been difficult for all of us and therefore the need for such music has increased. “What inspired this especially in the lockdown itself (is that) a lot of artists are going through terrible phases of depression after losing their careers during covid, not having a stage to perform and being locked in a piece with so long a spirit as musical instruments. You have to stay at home, you are not allowed to go out,” he said.

When asked if people shared their stories with him about his music helping them overcome depression, the composer replied, “Yes, I had a lot of friends in my community. I received many messages from people saying that my music helped them overcome the stress of exams. It helps people stay motivated.

Sumeet Sarkar said healing through music is not underestimated but an unnoticed aspect. “Healing through music is an unnoticed aspect. I think we heal every day by what we hear and it’s a sense in our body, the same as touch, smell or sight. You can imagine being in a room that smells strong versus a room that has the right aroma. It’s the same with audio. Until you really notice it, we can start forming a niche and categorizing it. It can help us more. Because you won’t just open Spotify and listen to a random song trying to be productive.

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