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Fløa and Spectorsonic land on Monstercat Silk with “Goodbye”


Monstercat Silk turns to Russian progressive house artists Fløa and Spectorsonic for Bye, the latest version to honor the imprint.

The calming, serene sounds of progressive house are one that any music lover around the world can love and the genre has been a lingering force on the scene for decades. Whether it’s the soundtrack for those looking to dance all day long or those looking for something to keep them steady, the depth, emotion and powerful tones always make it up. case for a magical listening experience. One of the labels that continues to defend this style is Monstercat silk, and they’ve now given the world a fantastic new EP from Fløa and Spectorsonic.

These two Russian artists may be fairly new to the scene, but both have really started to take off lately. Fløa has already gained momentum with his deep melodic and melodic styles in the progressive realm that have caught the attention of labels like Colorize, Zerothree and PGRRSSN. And Spectorsonic has impressed with its own releases on Neostatics Sounds and Emergent Cities, while also catching the ear of Solarstone and its Pure Trance imprint under the alias Hitrov.

Last year Fløa and Spectorsonic teamed up to create the Gravitation Music podcast, and they also clearly put their creative minds together in the studio. The result of their work is three times Bye PE, which features their collaboration on the title track as well as two new singles from Fløa for an even more immersive listening experience.

Their collaborative piece “Bye”Leads the charge in the release, delivering warm, atmospheric pads that will quickly sweep listeners and take them to progressive heaven. It’s one of those warm, heartwarming melodies that will leave anyone mesmerized. Then Fløa takes the reins of “Hermione”To continue the journey with a touch of energy that is built while the melodies captivate the soul. His track “It is time to move on”Is a slow burner that marks the final chapter of this trilogy with its subtle vocal and emotional depth that will uplift your being, brighten your day and help you. pass.

Listen to the Bye EP on Spotify or your favorite platform, and stay tuned for more on Fløa and Spectorsonic in the future!

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Fløa & Spectorsonic – Bye – List of tracks:

  1. Bye
  2. Hermione
  3. It is time to move on
Fløa & Spectorsonic - Goodbye

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