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Flor Bertotti reveals how she agreed with Guido Cazca after splitting


Flori Bertotti A few years ago after the success of I decided to take my life on a journey flourishingIn an inner quest that began when she was a mother and despite many job offers, she wanted to get away for a while and think about the well-being of herself and her family, in harmony, with whom she had come. her ex-partner, Guido the duck,

“It is a great pride to say that we have an SME, that we are an Argentinian industry and that we employ a lot of families,” he said in a recent interview for Infobe, as part of his project to Pancha children’s clothing. Speaking of which, it started nine years ago.

He said to me again: “But what a pity that if you were a good actress we wouldn’t call you anymore.” It can never be my decision: if I didn’t work, it’s because they didn’t call me. There’s something about success that makes you feel good, but how many people do we hear that they feel empty, they don’t see their kids. I’ve always been very concerned about my pulse and my joy, and being a mother has helped me measure that. When I was pregnant with Romeo, I was creative again and had plans for her postpartum, but I didn’t know what it was like to be a mother or to take care of someone. who always depended on me. East. And when he was very young, I was engaged in work and it cost me, ”he said of his departure.

Flor Bertotti explains how to find success to reorganize priorities and be happy.mp4

Flori Bertotti Explains what it’s like to be successful by rearranging priorities and being happy

Currently, beyond his business, he works on the radio show Valle 97.5 Dias y Flores. “The program has a moment of reflection, to see at least something that makes our day better. It may sound pretentious or petty, but it’s both because with very little you can change your day. And me, people seem to be grateful and thankful for that. I wanted to upload my way of seeing things into the program, and that day more flowers were put together, which became somewhat therapeutic,” he said.

ultimately, Floor He spoke a little about his current relationship with Guido Kazka after their separation: “Super fluid, natural. We cover ourselves a lot with the lady of Soul, guide, because he is with a thousand things so I talk to him and we organize ourselves, we cover ourselves and we are there for Romeo in need. Each family is a world and each case is unique. It’s reciprocal, I have the impression that it happens over the years when there is good instinct and generosity on both sides.