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Green Mountain Falls Musician Judith Piazza Finds Creative Outlet in Curbside Culture Series | Pikes Peak Courier


“The Sound of Healing”, with elements of nature and human connection added, is something that Judith Piazza, drummer from Green Mountain Falls and versatile “Sound Medicine Woman,” Judith Piazza offers listeners and attendees in her musical offerings. .

COPPeR’s Curbside Culture series – established during the pandemic – may have inspired Piazza’s “Porch Songs”.

Piazza performed with Curbside Culture last year for the cogwheel wagon grand opening in Woodland Park on a cold winter day in February.

“Like the coldest day you can imagine, and the wind was just blowing, and we were in the middle of the Covid affair.”

She stayed out for it and played the handpan – a melodic percussion instrument made of two steel pans stuck together – with gloves on half of her hand.

The idea of ​​connecting artists with listeners at outdoor events got Piazza thinking. And as the creativity arose, a new plan developed.

She thought, “It’s a good idea that they hire musicians and have some sort of curbside thing – so how about my veranda?”

Piazza then coordinated a few small, but little publicized because parking was limited, opportunities to gather for live music outside his house.

“It worked really well because I live in this magical place with breezes, a flowing creek, birds singing with us, chipmunks running around,” she said.

Piazza says that the past year and the experiences that go with it “have sparked such internal questions for me as a woman, as a musician – how can I continue to offer and bring people together in a way? meaningful because we know the arts are essential right now.

Curbside Culture has seen over 60 performances and bookings, ranging from dance and drumming to aerial arts, last year.

Currently, with indoor performance venues still having audience limits and artists attempting to recoup lost bookings, the series continues, with a growing number of artists joining the roster.

Curbside Culture invites accomplished artists living in El Paso and Teller counties to apply to the program. An app is available on the Curbside Culture website, culturaloffice.org/programs/curbside-culture.

Businesses or individuals interested in hiring local artists through Curbside Culture can access a digital toolkit on the website to use to share bookings with friends and the public.

As stated on the website, as the host site for Curbside Culture, you will be responsible for providing power if needed, gathering a small audience, and making financial transactions directly with the artist (s).

Piazza said she approached these opportunities as “a coming together with the intention of bringing joy and opening of heart – not a performance of how great I can be in front of people.”

Her background in music therapy informs her art, she says, and in another connective and musical endeavor, she’s brought together 12 to 15 women to play the drums for a few years now, about twice a month. An opportunity for ‘skills development in tandem’, she says, ‘we let the rhythm flow through us and in this way we are connected to each other’.

“We know that the drum helps us relieve stress and anxiety – it’s a safe, effective and foolproof way to stop the chatter of the mind so that we can feel our body, feel our heart more, and we feel more. gather in community. The percussion circle is open to new people.

Just as the Pikes Peak area cultural office connected residents and visitors to the arts as part of their ‘Curbside Culture’ series in 2020, while pulling together the pandemic restrictions highlighted the importance, as pointed out their promotional literature, from “patios, porches and curbs” in our society, artists find new ways to create these essential moments of connection.