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Hailing from Scarsdale, Bochner Makes Waves in Indie Pop Music | Best Stories



“I’m 20 and something and I think I need a refund,” sings Rachel Bochner, aspiring indie-pop artist and SHS 2015 graduate, in her latest single, “Ghosted My Therapist.”

Ironically, listening to one of Bochner’s fiercely honest, intelligent, and well-written songs turns out to be sort of a therapy session in itself – at least for those 20+ who are struggling through trials and tribulations. of adult youth.

“I try to combine my own experiences and the things that I have lived and experienced with a little bit of fiction,” the 24-year-old singer-songwriter told the Inquirer of the inspiration behind her. original music.

Bochner’s songs, which often juxtapose catchy and upbeat tunes on deep and complex subjects (self-image, sexual orientation, sanity, loneliness and relationships, to name a few), reflect an artist conscious of himself and emotionally intelligent.

“I think [indie pop] is a great umbrella term because I’m definitely in the pop world, but I like the fact that with indie pop it gives you a little bit of flexibility to take advantage of different genres, ”the artist said. based in New York. “Some of my songs are a little darker and maybe a little more alternative… but still keeping a firm footing in the pop realm. “

Considering the immense success of Bochner’s music so far – it has amassed several million streams across all platforms and featured in many music publications, like Rolling Stone India – it may come as a shock to know that ‘she has only been writing her own music for three years.

Rachel Bochner poses for the cover of her upcoming single.

“I was still singing, but I think there was this subconscious insecurity that kind of kept me from getting more into writing my own music,” Bochner said, adding that this fear of being. late in the game “had initially prompted her to seek work primarily on the etiquette side of things. “I think so many artists when you ask them [how they got into music], they say, ‘Oh my God, I’ve been writing songs since I was 11.’ It is so fantastic. But that’s just not the case for me.

In the end, an A&R (Arts & Repertory) internship at a record company the summer before his final year prompted Bochner to tear his floats off and dive headfirst into the world of musical creation and performance. .

“I kind of had this epiphany [during the internship] that the only thing that would make me really happy and feel really fulfilled is for me to launch out and pursue a career as an artist …

After graduating from the University of Richmond in 2019, Bochner enrolled in a two-week songwriting course at New York University to connect with other artists, writers and producers. The skills and connections gained from this program allowed Bochner to start releasing his music and polishing his unique sound.

“I think it’s a little crazy to think of the songs I was writing in the summer of 2018 when I was starting to talk about them seriously compared to now,” Bochner said. She continued, “I think I’ve evolved a lot as a songwriter… it’s interesting how much I’ve learned so just from writing with other people. I really enjoy the co-writing and I think it transformed my songwriting experience.

Bochner’s last two singles, “Ghosted My Therapist” and “Hating Myself in the Summer”, were co-written with other artists.

“Ghosted My Therapist,” which went viral on TikTok after its release in early September and has since amassed over 500,000 streams across all platforms, was co-written by Bochner and two of his close friends in the music industry, Sasha Campbell and Annick Blaize.

Hyper-relative and intimate anthem for all ages 20 and over going through quarter-life crises, “Ghosted My Therapist” was shaped from a light exercise in letting go.

“Honestly, it kind of started out as a joke,” Bochner said, explaining how she was going through a writer’s block when she met Campbell and Blaize. “They were like, ‘You don’t have to take yourself so seriously right now. Let’s just write a song about anything and don’t be overly critical of every line you write.

“Hating Myself in the Summer”, released in mid-July, was co-written by Bochner and songwriter Sasha Ballentine.

“What started out as a sad girl’s ballad about fighting the part of myself that was conditioned to think I’m not good enough if I don’t look like a certain aspect, turned into my own little empowerment anthem, ”Bochner wrote on his Instagram page, @rachelbochner.

Interestingly, the music video for “Hating Myself in the Summer” was shot in the Bochner area, the Secor Farms area of ​​Scarsdale, and features familiar places like the local JCC parking lot.

Although Bochner is a frequent visitor to the house, she has lived in the Big Apple since July 2021 and has even managed to perform a handful of shows live – albeit in front of a masked audience.

The experience of playing his original music, and pop music in general, has been interesting, said Bochner, who until last August had only performed live with his college a cappella group The Sirens. the former Scarsdale High School a cappella group, For Good Measure, and in childhood musical theater productions.

“[Pop music] is such a different world, and you have to develop a different skill set. It was really fun and cool to work on that side of being an artist, ”said Bochner.

So what’s next for the up-and-coming pop singer-songwriter?

Bochner plans to continue writing and recording new music in the New Year and will release his next single, “Pretty When You Cry”, on January 19.

“I guess the easiest way to describe it is a friendship love song,” Bochner said of the unreleased song, co-written with Megan Dervin-Ackerman. “There are so many love songs about romantic relationships, and it’s just for your lifelong friends, as cheesy as that sounds… the song is meant to remind those people in my life that I’m going to love them. whatever. So bring it on. Bochner added that this song is her father’s favorite among those she has released so far.

Despite “the universe that does not take its messages” as she sings in her latest piece, Bochner seems to have paved the way on her own, with no plans to slow down any time soon.

“I started out very insecure and have become more and more confident with myself as a writer and as an artist and performer and I can sort of manage now… I have the ‘Feel like a whole different person in this respect compared to a few years ago, ”said Bochner.

Listen to Bochner’s music on Spotify, YouTube, YouTube Music, Pandora, Apple Music or iHeart Radio, and follow @rachelbochneron Instagram for updates on his upcoming releases.