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Hanin Dhiya Learns To Let Go On Emotional New Single “Kembalilah Padanya”


Indonesian singer-songwriter Hanin Dhiya has released a new single titled “Kembalilah Padanya”.

The track arrived today (June 3) on all major streaming platforms. The Fresh Drop tells the story of a person exploring their feelings of letting go of a loved one. The artist co-wrote the lyrics for the track with Marco Steffiano, Joshua Kunze, Adrian Rahmat Purwantu and Jessilardus Mate.

She revealed that the song is inspired by daily life, by Boleh Music. The singer also shared that some of the lyrics were taken from her journal notes.

Listen to “Kembalilah Padanya” below:

‘Kembalilah Padanya’ is her second release of the year. It follows her single “Love Language” in February, a track that breaks with toxic relationships. Both songs are said to unveil “a new Hanin” in 2022.

Last year, the singer tapped different artists for several collaborations, including Dewa 19’s Ahmad Dhani for the EP ‘Kangen’, Sabyan for the single ‘Fatimah Az Zahra’ and Danish pop actor Lukas Graham for ‘ Happy For You’.

In related music news, fellow Indonesian artists Marion Jola and Teza Sumendra have teamed up for the sweet R&B ballad titled “Jatuh Cinta.” This new version will be part of the soundtrack of the upcoming drama movie, “Cemara’s Family 2”.