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HYDERABAD: While art, or the arts, are practices and activities aimed at expression, they are often used as therapeutic tools. Practitioners of hearing therapy, movement and painting tell us about their healing benefits.

Music therapy has been popular in the West but has grown in India over the past decade. Indian classical music guru and music movement therapist Dr Shambhavi Das explains that music therapy uses the naturally stimulating properties of music to help people improve their mental health and general well-being.

“We generally use music therapy for children with Down syndrome, ADHD, schizophrenia and other mental problems such as depression, stress, anxiety, insomnia and even for high blood pressure in adults and adolescents. We do Indian music therapy where we use songs, rhythms, ragas, swaras to heal, ”Shambhavi explains.

The therapist tries to revive ancient Vedic practices through her team, the Indian Music Therapy Association, which has 800 members, including about 50 physicians. Shambhavi has also published 30 articles on Indian classical music and music therapy.

Sehar Ali, holistic counseling psychologist

Emotion and movement are interconnected, explains Harsha Maheshwari, aka Komet, a dance and movement therapy enthusiast. Harsha had started her journey as a dancer and then moved into healing, therapy and mental health awareness.

“I then included dancing and healing in my performances and workshops. My workshops involve a lot of self-awareness activities such as playing a song and asking participants to move and dance in a way that dedicates the dance to their body, rather than another person.

I have noticed that dancing is such a divine art form that it is highly vibratory. Any kind of vibration that can change your mood and get you out of somewhere, which will make you feel so much better. While dancing, you are not just venting it, but you are also creating at the same time. Whether it’s good or bad, you just take it out and create a movement. Dancing brings you back to your basics and makes you feel like it’s normal for you to move and heal in a certain way, ”says Harsha.

In a regular dance class, the teachers may or may not talk to you, their priority would be to teach you the dance forms, know the choreography and off you go, says Harsha. “In a dance movement class, it’s so about you; you are in the center. The teachers would try to get the most organic movement out of you. When you walk in and out of a dance movement class, you will see a difference, ”she adds.

Sehar Ali, a holistic counseling psychologist, uses art as a means of expression and creativity. She has been a consulting psychologist for the past 18 years. “Creative art and movement in therapy is very liberating and cathartic for anyone who paints because it is not about their artistic ability and talent; it’s more about getting in touch with your creative energy and healing using art as a medium.
In ordinary art, there are a lot of rules that people start to worry about, but when it comes to art and movement in therapy, you can use your own strokes and draw however you want ”, explains Sehar.