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Huntington Elementary Hosts Emery School Board Meeting


By Julie Johansen

Principal Jody Carter hosted the Emery School Board at Huntington Elementary on Wednesday for the March board meeting. All board members and district supervisors, along with Emery School District Superintendent Ryan Maughan and Business Administrator Jackie Allred, were in attendance.

Following a business meeting at 6:30 p.m., Board Chair Tracey Johnson declared the meeting open. The tuition policy was then introduced with a minor change to the secondary school spending plan. It was the second chance for public scrutiny; however, there was no public comment. The tuition was then approved by the board during the action items portion of the agenda.

The board then approved the names presented for hire by Superintendent Maughan. Those names and positions included Lisa McArthur, preschool aide at Cottonwood Elementary; Autumn Huntsman, district-wide speech and hearing aid; Ashley Mills, district-wide speech/hearing aid; Brayci Sitterud, Cleveland Elementary special education aide; Cole Hunt, golf coach at Green River High School; Autumn Behling, secretary of San Rafael College; Brooke Green, secretary of Canyon View Middle School; and Breezie McElprang, secretary of Emery High School.

Following this, the furniture tender for Ferron and Book Cliff Elementary Schools was awarded to Edutek Corp. A competitive bid was received, but the bid was ultimately awarded to Edutek.

The main report was then given by Carter. She said the school’s main concern was attendance, not just for COVID, but for other health issues. Principal Carter was able, with funding from ESSER, to provide three-hour shifts in the afternoon hours to help students with high absences. Intervention schedules take place every six weeks to allow teachers to meet with resource teachers to consider at-risk students.

Carter also reported that the art and music specialist has been very positive because he gives teachers time to plan and students look forward to him. Additionally, the school’s community council hopes to secure funding to hire a physical education specialist next year. Funds received from donations were divided among teachers to help with teaching materials. Finally, it was announced that Huntington Elementary has designed a new reading incentive program.

Following Ms. Carter’s report, Emery School District Elementary Supervisor JR Jones took the opportunity to pay tribute to her for her dedication to the school, staff and students. “She’s doing a fabulous job with a great school,” he said.

Next, Maughan expressed the district’s sympathy for the deaths of Vicky Nielsen and LaRae Majors, saying many students had benefited. He also thanked Kevin Hurst, Director of Student Services at USU Eastern, for his community efforts. The superintendent then announced a professional district development day on March 14.

During the meeting’s public comment period, Hurst expressed gratitude to the district for the conversation that aligned goals between the university and the district. He emphasized that the university wants to be a working partner with the Emery school district.