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In honor of planet Earth… (In HOPE): Music therapy for the soul and the brain | Chroniclers



I attended a private One Republic event, got as close to the stage as possible and even though I celebrated on my own, the party with thousands of strangers fed my soul with the first note. I was in the front row for the joy. Unlimited, three-dimensional and relentless joy.

A few days later, I was excited to find Little Big Town front row seats with Caitlyn Smith at an iconic Salt Lake City location. Caitlyn opened the show with an acoustic guitar with her country-oriented adult pop style and sultry sounds that I had never heard before in a live setting. She is a singer-songwriter who made her solo debut when she was only 15, her talent is amazing and I became an instant fan.

When Little Big Town took the stage, my cortisol levels dissolved to zero, my adrenaline kicked in, and I danced and sang the rest of the night. I’ve been a fan for years, so when I found out they were coming to Charlotte this month, and soon to Greensboro, I signed up to be a superfan. You should too.

Our house is filled with music, from all genres and from all sources, because quality is not what matters to me. Even Alexa or YouTube can deliver the products of a live broadcast. Just ask for some 70s music, or some mellow jazz, or whatever feels right in the moment, and you can be transformed. If in doubt, turn up the volume or buy the tickets. Immerse yourself in the mood-boosting properties only found in sound.

Tracy Himes is a local speaker on environmental topics and operates TracyHimes.com and ThinkOutsideTheBin.com.

Tracy Himes is a local author and speaker and operates TracyHimes.com and WarandPennies.com.