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Is Rich Lynch the “Next King of Rock and Roll”?



originally published: 11/17/2021

(NASHVILLE, TN) – The origin of Rockin ‘Rich Lynch’s The last song “Next King of Rock and Roll” dates back to Earth Day, April 22, 2005, when Bruce Springsteen performed a rare mid-day rehearsal show for his “Devils & Dust” concert tour at Paramount Theater in Asbury Park, New Jersey.

“It was a beautiful day to be on the shore,” Lynch recalls. “The event was quite special and watching Bruce jump into his Range Rover after the show at 4:45 pm for a quick trip back to Rumson made me think – what a great life it would be to play music for the fans and to be home in time for dinner and some rest and relaxation. “

Lynch began charting the original direction of “Next King” soon after, but it would take divine intervention and a move to Nashville, Tennessee to come up with a final track a decade and a half later.

“Living so close to the Elvis homes of Tupelo and Memphis allowed me to visit these revered sites. The birthplace came first via a trip on the Natchez Trace in 2018, followed by a pilgrimage in 2019 to Graceland,” Lynch recalled. “So going to both places has helped me add a little more authenticity to the story as it is rooted in my own personal story and in the stuff of musical legend.”

Lynch believes that much of his own production over the years has tended to be “way too serious” and he felt that the time had come for him to release a light and fun track that might have a bit of appeal. more widespread. It also contains an uplifting tempo while delivering an ambitious and determined message.

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“In 2021, I went to Summer NAMM in Nashville and took my seat on the Gibson Guitar Throne,” added Lynch. “Later that day I met Elvis Presley guitarist James Burton. So it all added up to inspire me to revisit the song I started a long time ago.”

To help her in this crowning glory, Lynch returned to the expanding environs of Record One and helmsman Dallas Jack for directing with the royally good rock song that is just over 3 minutes and 40 seconds long and is ready to rise to the charts. on international radio stations around the world.

“Once again Dallas has exceeded expectations,” said Lynch enthusiastically. “We tried to create a song that nods to late 1950s hits while still being fresh and modern. I think we triumphed with this one.”

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