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Jon Hopkins’ new album is strategically designed to last the duration of a ketamine trip – EDM.com


Jon Hopkins’ upcoming album is at the forefront of a new field emerging at the intersection of music and wellness.

His next album, Music for psychedelic therapy, this is exactly what you would expect: a guided tour to heal yourself in an impaired state.

According to The Guardian, the album itself is programmed to last the average length of a ketamine trip. “We’re entering an era where this type of therapy is going to be legal and prevalent, and you have to have music for it,” Hopkins said. “I really have to be careful not to sound too grandiose, but it’s really I feel like there is a border here – a new kind of music.”

Ketamine has recently made a breakthrough promise to curb the potential for suicide and reduce the frequency of major depressive episodes in people who have historically suffered from mental illness.

In an excerpt from the album posted on YouTube, Hopkins combines sustained melodic soundscapes with a warm sub-bass flow. The sounds blend into each other, evolving slowly, almost imperceptibly over time as kaleidoscopic visuals unfold across the screen. All experiential work is meant to be consumed in a singular setting and is devoid of drum sounds or any concept of musical timing.

Hopkins album Music for psychedelic therapy will be released in full on November 12.


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