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Jordan Hess looks forward to ‘Wednesdays with the Mayor’


Missoula, Montana (News KGVO-AM) – Missoula New Town Mayor Jordan Hess appeared on KGVO Talk Back on Monday to promote that he is continuing the program called “Wednesdays with the Mayor” started under the late John Engen.

“I’m here to tell your listeners that I’m putting the second in what is a monthly series this Wednesday called ‘Wednesdays with the Mayor’ at the Missoula Public Library,” Hess began. “It’s this Wednesday at 6 p.m. It was a way to connect with voters and report on what was happening in the community and get community feedback. John (Engen) did a couple of them before he got sick and that’s something I appreciate and wanted to continue.

Hess described the topics discussed in his first episode.

“We organized the program around a theme of getting to know me,” he said. “We had a lot of growth and development content and focused particularly on the Midtown area. We’ve talked a lot about economic development and economic opportunity within our community, and we’ve put it all in context with the Midtown master plan that’s underway right now, as well as some of the planning along of Brooks Street. We answered general questions, but a lot of it was about growth, development, housing and that sort of thing.

Another issue discussed at the event was the issue of housing in Missoula.

“We had the opportunity to talk about many programs we had going on for housing,” he said. “We are really working on revamping our zoning code. We talked about it on this show. But we also have other ways to invest in housing as a city. So we have a public-private partnership that will start here later this month or later in November. It’s on the north side of Scott Street, and it’s constantly developing affordable housing. There are therefore several ways for the city to participate in the housing market.

Hess said the upcoming “Wednesdays with the Mayor” program will discuss the crisis intervention tax on the ballot.

“This month we’re shifting gears and talking about a voting issue,” he said. “We talk about the crisis intervention tax and the large-scale topics covered by this tax. I really want to focus on some of the things that have taken a back seat to, say, this royalty. There are funds in there for advocates for victims of crime, for example, to provide lawyers for victims of violent crimes. There is funding for what is called a crisis centre, a place that is not the emergency room or the prison for people in crisis to get some help.

Click on here to listen to the entire 30-minute segment with Mayor Jordan Hess.

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