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Kelsea Ballerini’s Song Hints at Halsey Spat + Marital Troubles


Kelsea Ballerini’s new album, Subject to change, is the most personal work she has released to date, and she doesn’t hold back on new songs. In a new interview, Ballerini talks about one song in particular, “Doin’ My Best,” which seems to allude to a spat between her and pop singer Halsey, as well as difficulties in her marriage.

The “Without Me” singer joined Ballerini for a duet on “The Other Girl”, which served as the second single from Ballerini’s third studio album, Kelseain 2020. The song appears as the album’s fourth track, and in an interview with ResultBallerini opens with a verse in “Doin’ My Best” that suggests the two had a falling out.

“I was friends with a pop star / I put them on track 4 / But I wish I could take it back, I never would have asked / If I had known we wouldn’t talk anymore”, Ballerini sings.

“There are songs on this record that I’m a little nervous for people to hear,” admits Ballerini, adding, “I’m human, and life is messy, and there are some things I wanted to get away from. appropriate.”

“It’s a bit embarrassing and a bit cringeworthy, but that’s my human experience,” she says, but doesn’t elaborate on exactly what happened between the two.

Ballerini is also going through a divorce from husband of nearly five years, Morgan Evans, and the lyrics to “Doin’ My Best” reference their entering therapy in 2020.

“And therapy for one turned into therapy for two / When you marry so young you got a lot of bullshit you gotta go through”, she sings on an upbeat track, adding, “If I said I had it all figured out, I’d be lying / But I’d die trying / I’m trying my best / I’ll let the rest roll on my shoulders, baby.”

Subject to change released on Friday (September 23) and Ballerini released “Heartfirst” as the album’s lead single. She’s about to go on her 10 date heart first Touring Saturday, September 24 at Radio City Music Hall. The ride continues through October 14 in Mashantucket, CT, with stops in Denver, LA, Atlanta, and Boston along the way.

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