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Kenya: Ezekiel Mutua says Kigame is wrong on importance of clergy in President Ruto’s government


Nairobi – Ezekiel Mutua, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK), says Kenya needs God contrary to views expressed by gospel singer Reuben Kigame.

Kigame claimed on Thursday that President William Ruto’s administration was overreacting to religion, citing the swearing-in ceremony where clergy were given prominence.

Mutua however said Kenya needs God to restore its moral fabric.

“This country needs God. We had sunk so low and thrown morality to the dogs.” Mutua tweeted.

Mutua also accused the outgoing administration of relegating religion to the periphery.

“Reuben Kigame is wrong. If he thinks the Ruto administration is exaggerating religion, then the previous administration was exaggerating the opposite,” he said.

Mutua urged Kenyans to work hard and not rely solely on heavenly intervention.

Kigame had questioned the religion’s position at President Ruto’s swearing-in ceremony, saying evangelists were overrepresented.

The singer urged President Ruto to prepare to treat all religions equally, as the constitution provides.

“I know I will be hit but I have to be honest and accountable to the nation. I think the Ruto administration is exaggerating religion. While we acknowledge the hand of God to get us this far, the presidency must respect the article 27 of the constitution,” he said.

He also urged the church that helped President Ruto win to also prepare to act as a watchdog in the face of his regime’s excesses.

“The church should praise the king but also be prepared to tell the king he is naked if he is,” he said.

Since his swearing in, President Ruto and his wife have hosted many religious leaders with Tanzanian Zabron Singers Choir, Ghanaian Prophet Victor Kusi Boateng, Ian Ndlovu and his wife Evangelist Angel Ndlovu calling them.