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Leadership class supports Camp Cheerful with art and funds: highlights


STRONGSVILLE, Ohio – Eighteen volunteers from the Fourth Line Leadership Class of Higher level training created a large-scale community service project to support Success centers for children.

They set out to raise $ 40,000 and ended up bringing in nearly $ 56,000. They also painted a mural at the nonprofit’s Camp Cheerful in Strongsville. Next, the group hosted a Fund-A-Need virtual event, celebration, and vouchers for children and adults with disabilities served by Achievement Centers for Children.

Stacey Lauren, Next Level Training Community Service Project Captain, said, “The services provided by the Achievement Centers for Children to communities in Northeast Ohio are essential for our youth and adults with disabilities and their families. We are extremely grateful to have this opportunity to support this wonderful organization that has given so much to so many people over the years. “

People with disabilities face many challenges in our society. Achievement Centers for Children create a community of support and inclusion, and impact with essential services that are provided regardless of a family’s ability to pay.

With this support, they will be able to continue to fulfill their mission of empowering children and adults with disabilities and their families to achieve their greatest potential through education, therapy, family support / social work services, sports adapted, recreation and camp programs.

“The transformative work that Next Level Trainings is doing while supporting nonprofit organizations comes at such an important time for our organization,” said Deborah Osgood, vice president of development and marketing for Achievement Centers for Children.

“Through the efforts of Next Level Trainings, we will be able to meet the urgent needs of the community and provide services to our youngest clients, from birth to age 8. The intervention can be effective at any age, but we know the best results and benefits are achieved when children with disabilities and their families come to us early in life, ”said Osgood.

For more information on the Community Service Project, visit nextleveltrainings.com/acc. For more information on Success Centers for Children, visit realizationcenters.org. For more information on higher level training, visit nextleveltrainings.com.

Children’s lessons: Connecting for Kids (CFK) provides education and support to families who have concerns about their child. They serve all families, including children with and without a formal diagnosis. CFK offers educational programs, support groups, a parent matching program and many resources.

Connecting for Kids offers virtual and in-person programs for children and adults. Registration is mandatory for the following October programs. Register online at www.connectingforkids.org/register, by emailing [email protected] or by calling or texting 440-570-5908, para español 440-907-9130.

• Parenting is Lonely, 6:30 p.m. Oct. 5 at the Westlake Porter Public Library, 27333 Center Ridge Road. The isolation of raising a child with a disability or with mental health issues is real. Meet other families and receive encouragement as they discuss the article, “The loneliness of new parents of disabled children. Lisa Ruman from Child & Family Counseling Center in Westlake will be moderating a discussion on how to find travel support.

• Speech and language consultation, 6 to 8 p.m. on October 7 at the Westlake Porter Public Library and virtually. Do others find your child’s speech difficult to understand? Does your child have a hard time talking or playing with other children? Does your child have trouble understanding what you are saying? If so, sign up to attend a speech-language pathology consultation, in person or virtually, where you and your child will meet a pediatric speech-language pathologist from Effective Speech Therapy, Cleveland Hearing & Speech Center, or Lakeshore Speech Therapy LLC. This consultation is open to children from 18 months to 12 years old.

• Music for Mental Health, 1 pm October 9 at the Westlake Porter Public Library. Join this program as a music therapist who focuses on managing stressful seasons and difficult times, both at home and in society. Participants will listen to live music and participate in group discussions, songwriting, and other fun music experiences.

• Connecting for Kids offers a conference series featuring presentations on various childhood topics by local pediatric professionals. Go to connectionforkids.org/speakerseries for more information.

• “Practical” activities for young children, 7 p.m. on October 12. Do you want to learn fun hands-on activities to help your child master the use of scissors and pencils? Join CFK early intervention professionals Neysa McKenney and Paula C. Papp as they teach you engaging experiences to help your child develop their manual skills through inexpensive sensory, artistic and play activities.

• Coffee and chat. Join this interactive support group and meet other families facing similar challenges. Go to connectionforkids.org/support.

• Music therapy and more. This program is designed for families and their children aged 0-6 who are struggling in any area of ​​development. Take part in a hands-on program designed to teach families how to use music to improve academic, motor, communication and social skills, as well as their child’s behavior. This program is led by a certified music therapist in several locations. Go to connectionforkids.org/music for more information.

• Interactive workshop. These workshops are designed to help families gain in-depth knowledge on a topic. Go to connectionforkids.org/workshops.

Visual arts: Beck Center for the Arts unveils a new visual arts exhibition created by local talent that is a feast for the senses. In collaboration with TRANSPORTATION ARTS, a program of Central community house, select exhibits are available for purchase from customer service inside the main Beck Center building at 17801 Detroit Ave., Lakewood.

An annual event, this 2021 cultural heritage exhibition and experience features paintings and drawings by Laurent Boulanger, Richard Duarte Brown, Malik carrington and Katerina armeria, and would not be possible without the generous funding of The Gund Foundation.

This exhibition is free, open to the public and suitable for all ages. To view the gallery of this work, visit the Beck Center’s Jean Bulicek Galleria in the main building of the Lakewood campus. Sales are arranged through customer service in person or at 216-521-2540, ext. 10.

To enjoy these works of art digitally, visit Beck Center Facebook Album at the end of the exhibition.

For more information on this exhibition, visit beckcenter.org. To learn more about Beck Center’s visual arts classes for all ages, visit beckcenter.org.

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