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Local News: LawCo for People with Developmental Disabilities Board of Directors Approves Grants (12/18/21)


Over $ 511,000 in approved funding

Members of the Lawrence County Tax Board for the Developmentally Disabled recently approved more than $ 511,000 in funding for various programs in the county.

The Barry Lawrence County Development Center in Monett received $ 38,500 in funding for its programs. The center was established in 1973 to provide early intervention services to children with developmental delays and disabilities. The directors recently opened a new 6,000 square foot facility currently under construction at Chapell Drive and Park Street in Monett.

Michael Cassity, who established the music therapy and art therapy programs for local clients, received $ 95,300 for the music therapy program for clients in Lawrence County and $ 27,000 for the art therapy program. , which now has a waiting list of eligible customers. More. Cassity asked Monett for $ 25,000 for the new dance therapy program.

Preferred Healthcare received $ 5,000 to provide services such as lawn care to clients living in dedicated housing.

The Champion Athletes received $ 4,000 in funding to provide activities such as swimming, bowling, yoga, aqua aerobics, softball and basketball to local patrons.

OATS, which provides transportation for SWI Lawrence County employees to Monett, for $ 37,581; and $ 32,371 for the rural transportation program. These combined funds, totaling $ 69,952, have been approved.

A request from the Town of Pierce City in the amount of $ 24,952 for disabled accessible playground equipment has been approved.

People First announced it will be asking for $ 2,000 for clients in Lawrence County, which will cover expenses associated with socialization and behavioral development, such as trips to Cardinals baseball games and a Christmas party and ball. of combined graduates. The request has yet to be submitted, but Martha Pettigrew, a board member, offered to set aside funds in anticipation of receiving the formal proposal. His motion was approved.

A total of $ 75,000 has been set aside for SWI Barry-Lawrence County in Monett, formerly Monett Area Sheltered Workshop. The workshop underwent a management change in July 2021 for SWI, and since then several improvements have been made to the facility.

David Dunn spoke about recent progress in the program since plant manager Rob Walker took over in July. He noted that the payroll had increased by $ 2,000. In addition to redesigning the workspace, Dunn reported new life skills training programs and ongoing facility upgrades were underway.

LCDD Director George Woodward requested $ 78,000 for the Related Services Program, which subsidizes the voucher program and dental services; and $ 70,000 for Hope Partnership waivers for eligible clients.

Lastly, Woodward announced that he would reduce his work hours from full-time to 18 hours per week starting December 28. Board chairman Bill Alexander has indicated that a vice chairman will likely be elected at the next quarterly meeting, scheduled for March 24. , 2022.

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