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MAJOR recording artist. Bringing Hope to LA’s Skid Row, New Single Recalls How Powerful Hope Can Be


Los Angeles is now the home of Texas-born artist MAJOR. And he recently visited the city’s Skid Row community to serve its large homeless population.

Major R. Johnson Finley is best known to his fans as MAJOR. The Grammy nominee was one of the artists featured in a benefit concert alongside Kirk Franklin, Maverick City Music, Judith Christie McAllister and others.

His latest single, Whole World In His Hands is the perfect demonstration of his desire to bring hope to this community. He took a break from performing to sit down with CBN News’ Studio 5 to talk about the new single.

MAJOR. says despite some rumors about him, he never left the gospel.

“He’s got the whole world in his hands. He opened the event with this. This is my new single,” he said. “For those who are a little confused, like, does it come back to the gospel or whatever? I never left the gospel. It’s in me and through me. It’s is who I am. The words in the lyrics can trace back through the scriptures.”

“Every song I write is that problem. Whole World in His Hands is a song close to my heart,” he told Studio 5. here, where I’ll have a moment where I just notice that the audience just needs a reminder that the same God who brought them before is the same God who brings them forward right now.”

MAJOR shared why he decided to support the concert and the work that will follow on Skid Row.

“Because I’m about this. This is who I am. The village has changed my life,” he explained. “I don’t know poverty. I know struggle. And I know hardship. realize that much of their situation is just a decision that changed everything for them, a bad choice or a bad circumstance that changed their reality.”

“And so for me, it keeps me grounded,” MAJOR explained. “And so being there just reminds me that there’s still work to be done, that I’m not alone in my own situations. And it just helps me realize how powerful hope can be. Whole World In His Hands crosses the color line. It crosses the aids and sex divides it. Everyone understands that this message is true.

The artist also shared with Studio 5 why he gave Los Angeles’ Skid Row the nickname “Hope Row.”

“Just to give people the opportunity to elevate how they see their current situation,” MAJOR. said. “It’s not empty. Although it’s probably a struggle, it’s not empty of hope.”

Check out MAJOR’s new single. Whole World In His Hands below.

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