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Myles Lloyd explains the meaning of the songs in “Forever, Yours”


Myles Lloyd, an R&B artist from Montreal, Canada, the newest in real life, To you for evertakes on an autobiographical twist as it stems from real-life events and narrates saying goodbye, but always keeping the memories, emotions, and experiences close to your heart.

The eight-track release took a different approach to alienating the past and finally moving forward. It also showcases her vocal presence and songwriting, which are filled with a carefree emotion that borders on vulnerability, honesty and, when at its best, confusion.

The title of the album is a nod to Michael Jackson’s 1975 album, Forever, Michaelwhich Lloyd listened to constantly as a child and which still inspires his music today.

He sat down to explain the inspiration behind each song on the album to American Songwriter readers.

better with you
“Better With You” is the opening track and I think it was very necessary. As you get older and wiser, your mind starts playing tricks on you. Your patience may be thinner and you may lash out and say things you never would have said before. Sometimes it happens to the ones you love the most and you push them away. This track admits wrongs and hopes for forgiveness because “I’m better off with you.”

counting the days
I did “Counting Days” when I was in Los Angeles away from home. Far from my comfort zone and deep in thought about the world opening up again after the pandemic. Fighting different temptations and bad thoughts that might try to blind and redirect your energy and your initial path.

“Counting Days” is one of the truest songs I’ve ever done. I feel like a lot of things can relate to this song. Feeling indecisive, alone and tempted is completely normal, but having self-control is essential. After doing this song, I realized it was my therapy and reassurance that everything would be fine.

“Angel” is about love and the emotion someone can make you feel. I’m referring to the coldness of my city of Montreal and the fact that sometimes the city can move so fast and you tend not to have time for anyone, but with this person everything seems to slow down and find its way. (My angel)

Run over you
“Running On You” is me saying that without this person, I would feel empty. My engine is running because you are in my life. The song is inspired by my current life. In this song, I face what feels like one of my fears. Not understanding that music is my passion and that’s it for me. I see it like, music is me and in life you have to love yourself the most and because I have to love myself the most I have to change some of my ways. You constantly hear me say what I love and appreciate about this love interest and constantly reassure them that in the end everything will be fine but in the meantime the sky is raining on me and I will be cold for a little while but I I’ll dry up and I’ll be me again with a little time and patience.

“Distraction” is more of a boastful record about you always needing me and I’m going to distract you from what you need to do and you need that distraction. A very toxic way of thinking, but man, that was just then.

Some people bring out the worst in you and some people bring out your best qualities. “Monster” is about someone who brings you an energy you’ve never felt before. Not knowing you could ever feel this good and reassuring you and them that you’ll never take them for granted because they showed you a different light.

“Menage” shows a very X-rated side most aren’t used to, about a wild night filled with booze and bad decisions. I see this track being played like in a strip club aha. The sounds are so dark and grungy, every time I listen I find myself in this state of sweetness, I don’t care.

“Down Under” was written about stepping out of a place no one will expect. Demanding respect, the track touches on the need to go for your life and put an end to the souls and situations that take advantage of your shine. This song is very simple, but raw and authentic and I mainly sing I come for the throne.