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NAGPUR: The combination of yoga and music doubles the health benefits | Nagpur News


NAGPUR: June 21 is a unique day that marks the celebration of yoga and music. These two phenomena have revolutionized physical and mental well-being for ages. On this double occasion, YOU spoke to singers, voice doctors and music lovers in Nagpur who also practice yoga daily. Together they say the combination of music and yoga is the best prescription for good health.
Renowned psychiatrist Dr. Sudhir Bhave, an accomplished singer, said music and yoga can work magic individually and work wonders together. “Music serves to modulate mood while yoga serves to calm your mind in addition to its well-known health benefits. Both clear negativity from your mind and fill it with positive energy,” he said.
Dr Bhave added that music is more personal and can be different for each individual. “One may love light music while the other may find peace of mind in classical notes. For those who love light music, words and notes together make a better combination to spark positive thoughts” , did he declare.
Interestingly, Dr. Bhave also had formal training in yoga. He was the best of Janardanswami Yogabhyasi Mandal’s yoga training batch. “Yoga provides physical benefits such as strength, flexibility and balance to anyone who practices it. The combination is best for your overall well-being,” he said.
Renowned singer and music teacher Amar Kulkarni who regularly practices yoga said the two practices have many similarities. “The origin of Indian classical music is omkar (the syllable aum) and yog has specific significance for omkar sadhana. Music can bring positive vibrations and so can yoga. Both practices generate energy to the interior,” he said, adding that music creates sound energy while yoga creates physical strength for the lungs, and the two complement each other. “A singer practicing yoga derives respiratory benefits while a yoga practitioner (sadhak) is inspired by music,” he added.
Veteran oncologist and accomplished singer Dr BK Sharma says music is therapy. “Music is the best source of energy for life. Your heart gets energized, your lungs get breathing exercise, and your brain becomes relaxed once you develop an interest in music. Studies have proven that music therapy also works very well on cancer patients,” he said, adding that he has enjoyed the benefits of being a singer and music lover for decades.
“Our work is full of stress and music brings much needed peace and energy. I’m over 70 now and still fully active, all thanks to my love for music and exercise of breathing,” Dr. Sharma said.
Physiotherapist Dr Pratiksha Gadkari said yoga helps increase joint flexibility and range of motion while music has a relaxing and calming effect on the mind. “Yoga improves balance because you have to maintain certain postures while incorporating certain body movements. Music has a calming effect on the mind. So if we start and practice our daily exercises with soothing music, that’s definitely ‘yes’ to a fresh and energetic day,” she said.
Janardanswami certified yoga trainer Yogabhyasi Mandal Praful Hatgaonkar says the effects of yoga can be greatly amplified if paired with ear-friendly music. “Music helps us focus better and find stillness in the mind, which is what meditation is all about,” he said.
“Soul music and the chanting of a mantra as part of the dhyana can both be a tool for meditation and a medicine for mental health. Whether it is yoga or music, it is an appropriate sound frequency that can cure physical and mental ailments,” said Vaidya Swanand Joshi, MD, Ayurveda.
* Yog-music symphony can provide effective healing and therapy
*Together could be a powerful and fulfilling experience
* Listening to music creates a positive mood by strengthening our brain signals
* Music can turn yogasanas into an effortless dance rather than just a posture
* Music cuts you off from the volatility of your surroundings and helps you focus better
* Choosing the right music for your yoga session is of utmost importance


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