Home Music intervention Neighbors fear the alley near the new cocktail bar will become ‘a vomitorium’ and a place to have sex

Neighbors fear the alley near the new cocktail bar will become ‘a vomitorium’ and a place to have sex


An “upscale cocktail bar and live music venue” is set to open in Witney town centre.

Blind Tiger Bar Ltd has received permission from the West Oxfordshire District Council Licensing Committee to open in premises formerly occupied by the Joules clothing store at 8 Market Square.

But in objection comments, neighbors alleged that the alley and parking lot near the new bar is already frequently used by drunks to urinate, get sick and have sex.

In a license application, the owner said: “The Blind Tiger will be a new upscale cocktail and live music venue based on the main street in Witney, close to other licensed venues. We hope to join the watch local pubs as soon as possible.

He added: “The aim is to provide a lively but friendly atmosphere offering a range of alcoholic beverages, including draft beer, cocktails, wines, spirits and soft drinks, with strong staff training in responsible tenders as well as SIA approved gate staff for a busier time.

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“We hope to offer a small food offering of pasture beds and operate strictly within the four license objectives. We wish to include off-sale sales to be used for potential delivery applications. We also hope to apply for a pavement license to the future. ”

The bar will be open from 12 p.m. to midnight from Sunday to Wednesday and from noon to 2 a.m. from Thursday to Saturday.

Entertainment will include recorded music or live music, including piano, saxophonists, singers, guitarists and DJs.

But there were two comments of objection to the license plans.

Gemma Nolan wrote: “Witney Market Square is already plagued by late night anti-social and violent behaviour, fights, injuries and regular police interventions. Our streets and lanes are abused by shoppers drunk baristas with vomit, urine and broken glass everywhere in the morning.

“The building in question adjoins and shares the passage with 10 residences where children live. The impact is not reasonable or safe with loud music late at night, an increase in intrusions and a back door giving even more privacy. access to the residential area. This is already a problematic area and adding another bar would only make matters worse.”

And Robert Shelley wrote: “To add another premise to this small part of town is to create a triangle of disruption, anti-social behavior and violence. As I write this Wednesday morning, last night, an incident happened which required three police vehicles and a manhunt for a suspect who had appeared to glass someone literally outside where this new bar would be.

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“In addition to these regular violent incidents, the alley next to the new bar and the rear parking area are frequently used by drunk people as a public latrine, a vomitorium and in an incident a few months ago somewhere to have completely nude drunken sex.”

Witney Town Council said it welcomed a new concert venue in the town, but was concerned about noise on neighboring properties and wanted them to be contacted directly about the license application.

The license application states that the bar will have a legally authorized door staff member on Thursday, Friday and Saturday after 10 p.m. if it is to remain open after midnight and that a written dispersal policy will be in effect, ensuring that at at the end of an evening, customers are called back. respect the neighbors and reduce noise when they leave.

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