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New Blood ‘- Michael C. Hall explains what the white deer means



After eight years of waiting, Dexter fans eventually reunited with Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall). Dexter: new blood premiered on november 7 and showed people where he lives now. It involved the remote setting of Iron Lake, New York, and a special relationship he had with a deer in the woods. In a recent interview, Hall explained what the white deer means to Dexter.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for the season premiere of Dexter: New Blood.]

Michael C. Hall | Seacia Pavao / Show time

Hall participated in a Television Critics Association Zoom panel to Dexter: new blood August 24. Reporters who had seen the season premiere early asked Hall what he thought of the stag. Now that viewers have had a chance to see him, we feature his response, along with those of co-stars Jennifer Carpenter, Julia Jones, and showrunner Clyde Phillips. Dexter: new blood airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on Showtime.

What Dexter’s White Stag Means to Michael C. Hall

Living in a cabin in the woods like Jim Lindsay, Dexter goes hunting, but never shoots. He chases a white deer and aims his rifle, but never pulls the trigger. Hall explained what this routine means for Dexter.

This ritual for him is therapeutic, stalking this animal, not killing it. This represents a yearning for goodness, for purity, which he wants to cultivate and wants to come closer and closer, and wants to touch figuratively and literally, if he is able to. It’s also a way of pushing yourself into physical exhaustion and maybe exercising the restraint muscle and cultivating restraint. It’s his new sense of power, at least when you meet him. And yes, I think it works on some sort of therapeutic level both in terms of managing his impulses. It’s like heroin methadone maybe killing, chasing a stranded deer in the woods and not shooting it.

Michael C. Hall, Television Critics Association panel, 08/24/21

‘Dexter: New Blood’ finds Dexter losing his peace

It’s been eight years since Dexter left Miami. He seems to be leading a productive life in Iron Lake, until Matt Caldwell (Steve M. Robertson) comes to town. Caldwell is already tempting Dexter to return to his life as a murderer by being smug and abusive. Next, Dexter learns of the boat accident he caused and gets away with it. When Matt shoots his stag, nothing can stop Dexter.

“And, also, on a more psychological or even spiritual level, it represents a kind of yearning for purity,” Hall continued. “I think his whole life when we meet him is one that is made easier by his abstinence, the internal relationship and the good graces he enjoys with Deb, or has enjoyed, has everything to do with his abstinence. He’s in a sort of prolonged penance, I think, when we meet him.

The cast and creators of “Dexter: New Blood” intervene

Jones plays Iron Lake Police Chief Angela Bishop. Angela is also Dexter’s girlfriend, although she knows him as Jim Lindsay. A new character, Jones looked back on the original series and saw the difference between his protagonist and New blood.

“I realize how much Dexter seems to have more humanity in there than what I saw or felt in the original series, and to me that money is a symbol of that,” Jones said. “And I think in a way there’s a connection that I made between Angela and their relationship and just that kind of humanity that I feel in him that didn’t exist in the same way.”

Carpenter returns as Deb, now replacing Harry as the voice of his black passenger. Carpenter thinks that the deer’s death is in keeping with his theme.

“It’s a friendly reminder that whatever beautiful Dexter touches, it always ends up being disfigured or deformed, despite himself,” Carpenter said.

Phillips returns as showrunner for Dexter: new blood. He was proud to see his actors express the deer theme so well.

“Dexter is trying to connect with the character of Julia, with the people in town, with the people he works for,” Phillips said. “But he also tries to connect with nature, with the world, in the sense that he is part of nature. And the bond between Dexter and the white male is paramount, and there are a lot of things about Dexter that are paramount.