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Noel Gallagher reveals overwhelmingly emotional reason Ireland was key to Oasis’ existence in new Supersonic biography


NOEL Gallagher believes that the legendary rockers Oasis only existed because they came from the Irish lineage.

He said it struck home for him and his brother Liam when they played in Dublin and their Mayo-born mum Peggie was with them with fans calling out her name.


Noel Gallagher said he felt the Oases existed because they came from Irish stocks
Liam and Noel at the time of the Oasis


Liam and Noel at the time of the Oasis

Noel, 54, explained, “I remember those shows at The Point being, like, extremely emotional with the crowd and stuff.

“I remember it was breathtaking, the energy and the vibe in the room, it was amazing. We could feel it, and it was almost like we weren’t worthy of it.

“There is rage in Oasis music and let me explain that to you.


“If I tell people that there is rage in music, people might think about screaming and screaming, but you can be raging with joy.

“When the Irish are sad they are the saddest people in the world, when they are happy they are the happiest people in the world.

“When they drink they are the drunkest people in the world, there is one rule for the Irish and different rules for everyone.

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“We are Irish, me and Liam. There is no English blood in us, and anyone who knows that will know that there is alcohol and then there is Irish alcohol. Irish consumption can be endless.

“Oasis could never have existed, to be so big, to be so important, to be so imperfect, to be so loved and hated, if we weren’t all predominantly Irish.”

In the new Authorized Biography Supersonic, Liam recalled the “good times” they had as children during summer vacation in Ireland.

But when the brothers hit the big time with Oasis, he admitted he was put in his shoes by Peggie.


Liam, 49, said: “Mum isn’t impressed with all this rock and roll stuff.

“She’s proud and stuff, but I guess there are times when she’s completely and completely gone, ‘You fucking fist heads,’ cringed and rightly so.”

“There are things that come out of our mouths that were just plain ridiculous.

“I wanted to make her proud. I talk to myself mom three or four times a day. So I would always reassure her.

Noel described Peggie as “fearless” and Liam credits her for giving her her swagger – but confessed he got nervous when she was at their concerts.


He said, “Mom was an angel, she still is. But I didn’t like mom coming to concerts.

“I was always on edge; I could never relax with me mom at concerts.

Peggie said she worried about her boys like any mom, but wouldn’t let them get too big for their boots.

She added: “I worried, I did nothing but worry about them. When they were away, I worried about them. I spend my whole life worrying about them.

“Never in a million years did I think they were going to be as big as they are.”

Noel, Paul, Liam and mom Peggy Gallagher.


Noel, Paul, Liam and mom Peggy Gallagher.

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