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Passport Schemes for Scottish Government Branded NTIA Vaccines ‘Illegal’ | New


The NTIA have called the Scottish government’s plans for vaccine passports “illegal” and aim to launch a legal challenge.

The trade body covers much of the nightlife industries, from bars and restaurants to venues, clubs and festivals.

Nicola Sturgeon has confirmed his government’s intention to proceed with vaccine passports, a move that has drawn criticism from the NTIA.

In a statement, the professional organization reveals that discussions on the matter have been going on for three weeks, but says that “the dialogue did not in any way resemble a meaningful consultation between the government and the sector …”

Indeed, the NTIA claims that the plans as they currently stand could be “illegal”, with the body intending to take legal action. Passports for vaccines have been taken off the table in England following a U-turn by Sajid Javid – the Welsh government intends to proceed as planned.

The NTIA says, “This vaccination passport scheme as currently proposed raises serious issues of definition, market distortion, discrimination, resource allocation and economic impact, among others, and whether the government Scottish had been prepared to work with sector experts in the early stages of policy formulation, some of these deep-rooted issues might have been avoidable. “

“It is also clear to us that the policy as currently proposed is neither proportionate nor represents the lowest possible level of intervention to achieve the public health imperative, and is therefore likely to ‘be illegal. Unfortunately then, and given the serious flaws in the policy as proposed, we have now tasked our legal team to take action against the Scottish Government with a legal challenge to the vaccination passports. “

Referring to falling infection rates in Scotland, the NTIA says it hopes the figures “may prompt the government to reconsider and take into account the concerns of the sector, and to engage in meaningful consultation”.

In closing, they write: ‘Unfortunately this has not happened, but we remain open to working with the Scottish Government on any policy that both achieves our common goals and also allows businesses to remain economically viable.’

The Scottish government has yet to respond to this statement.

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