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Piolo today on love, life and ideal partnerships


The award-winning actor and philanthropist assures everyone that even though he remains single at 45, he is content and living a meaningful life.

“Who is your ideal partner?” is a question that’s been part of every interview with best actor Piolo Pascual since his showbiz career began in 1992. Because until his adoring audience sees him settled in, they’ll always keep a close eye on his personal life. de Pascual, wishing her only the best in love and happiness.

Over the weekend, however, the award-winning actor and philanthropist assured his friends and fans that while he remains single at 45, he is content and living a meaningful existence.

During his final press conference for a longtime Sun Life Philippines supporter at a five-star hotel in the city of Manila, Pascual said, “[Over] the pandemic, I realized, [happiness] It’s not about having a partner per se, it’s about having the independence to live life one day at a time.”

He added, of the past two years, “Time has taught me a lot about discipline and [especially] to appreciate life for all it gives you every day.”

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Pressed as he always is to enter into a relationship, he replied without an ounce of impatience: “Hindi kasi ako naghahanap eh. ‘Yun ang mahirap dun eh. But there will come a time for me to calm down.

“Again, I have no criteria or requirements [for an ideal partner] because in the end, it’s a matter of the heart, it’s a matter of feelings. Hindi naman hinahanap ‘yun, dumarating na lang,” he rightly said.

Despite a lull in the love department, Pascual made sure to reveal that he’s still far from jaded despite failed relationships.

Always a fan of true love, he said: “I believe in something that happens by fate, something that happens with divine intervention or divine appointments. I believe in magic. I believe in something electrifying. And when that time comes, that person will be the perfect match.”

Showing the way to her meaningful existence, Pascual first expressed her gratitude for the resounding success of her ongoing “Flower of Evil” series with Lovi Poe. Airing on Viu, it is currently the No.1 weekly series on the Southeast Asia-wide entertainment platform.

Second, he said he felt very fortunate that his partnership with Sunlife Philippines has only grown stronger over time, given such worthwhile and life-changing campaigns that they continue to substantiate for the public. .

The current state of the actor’s life and other similar personal stories actually inspired the latest Piolo x Sun Life Philippines project titled “Partner for Life”.

The launch previewed how the campaign message is portrayed in a fun and dynamic music video featuring lead brand ambassador Sun Life in singer-songwriter Jonoy Danao’s single, “Bright Like the Sun”.

Danao’s composition perfectly captures the emotion of the special bonds in people’s lives while exuding hope and optimism for the future despite the past two years of the pandemic.

Carla Chong, Chief Customer Experience Officer and Chief Marketing Officer for the company, explained, “Similarly, Sun Life is poised to be the lifetime partner of Filipinos when it comes to achieving their financial goals, even in times of uncertainty. As the oldest life insurance company in the Philippines, we offer a wide range of solutions that can help Filipinos get closer to their financial goals at all stages of life.”

Those ready to find a brilliant partner in this segment of life can contact a Sun Life advisor via http://www.sunlife.co/TalkToAnAdvisor.

Walking the conversation with Sunlife behind him, Pascual ended the enjoyable one-on-one saying, “At this point in my life, I just want to keep doing what I’m doing. It’s something I really appreciate, being in this business, being in front of you guys, and just sharing my life.”