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Portable: Zazu Zeh star settles down with Poco Lee and Kogbagidi say na ‘promo’ – See wetin bin cause di kasala


Wia dis foto comes from, Instgarm / portable_omolalomi1

Up-and-coming Nigerian musician Portable Omolalomi reunites with dancer Poco Lee and promoter Kogbagidi afta e bin rant and blames Poco Lee for social media.

To prove that all is well, Portable shares pictures of imsef togeda with Poco Lee, Kogbagidi and Musician, Olamide wey im dey call e benefactor for im Instagram handle.

Also, the di Zazoo Zeh star for a recent viral video starring Poco Lee says everything going between the two dem na “promo oh”.

Then Poco Lee responds for di say e no carry ‘Drinking money oh’ unlike di accuses wey di Zazoo Zeh musician bin accuses am before.

But Poco Lee later came to share a video of singer Burna Boy as they impersonate Portable and write; “Funny how I accept to accept wetin no dey true so that peace reigns, I show love oooo.”

Wia dis foto comes from, Instagram

Kogbagidi’s post for social media management with a video of all saying they are a happy family.

“A HAPPY FAMILY: True leaders understand that we get stronger by pulling the odas up,” writes Kogbagidi.

“Great respect and love to Big Fish for this game, Olamide and my first brother Poco Lee, you know I’m going to support you, rain it, it shine.”

“Time does not show that you are true leaders. Your Portable son Omolalomi knows better now. He is ready to learn and use your rich experience for the industry.”

Wetin Happun between Poco Lee and Portable

Wia dis foto comes from, Instagram / @ Pocoleedance

On Tuesday, December 21, Portable bin shared a video online where he accuses Poco Lee saying he’s showing his love but he’s just trying to cheat on him.

Portable statement says Poco Lee is trying to steal song ‘Zaazoo Zeh’ and hala says song does not belong to Poco Lee

After saying that Poco Lee would have chosen $ 3,000 with the Wizkid spray for the stage, I would only give $ 600 on the cash.

The accusations come as a result of a serious social media tok-tok and make portable music promoter Kogbagid upset for the morning.

Later that day, Kogbagidi shares a video of wen e they drive a portable comote from a hotel room and write saying, “Unruly and unprofessional driving is always expected from next.”

“You are never able to say that we are going to continue for the spirit or the head. I am shocked and embarrassed at this point. Do I have to fix your career and your head at the same time? Asks Kogbagidi.

How will Portable react later?

Wia dis foto comes from, Instagram / @ Pocoleedance

After all the social media talk and the Nigerians’ reactions, Portable come and apologize to the benefactor, Olamide and all di pipo wey im sama accuse give.

“My sincere apologies go to my Olamide benefactors, Poco Lee and Kogbagidi,” portable Instagram post with video.

“I am learning, I know better now. Please forgive me and forgive the street in me. Much love and appreciation to all my fans, words cannot express my feelings yet.

“Thank you for your intervention and your words of comfort. Now I know I’m not alone for this. I love you guys. I will never let you down again. Expect more from your boy. Zeh nation.”

Di later for di mata be dit Portable and Poco Lee togeda with Kogbagid do not reunite and settle the difference after Olamide choking mouth for di mata.

Who to be Omolalomi Portable?

Wia dis foto comes from, Instagram / portable_omolalomi1

Portable Omolalomi whose real name is Habeeb Okikiola is a rapper, singer and songwriter.

Di self-proclaimed Son Of Shaku Shaku, did not climb the ranks of the fastest rising singers.

The portable Olalomi come from the state of Ogun in southwestern Nigeria.

For a video I’m sharing for the im tiktok page, and to say that Nigerian rap star Olamide is putting me in the limelight.

Dem bin also shares a video of wia im meet wit di Nigeria rap star.

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