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Praise to a good doctor


The doctor I consulted has all the traits that a doctor should have and that a patient expects from a doctor. Defining what makes a good doctor is a delicate task. A good doctor identifies the nature of the problem by probing at different levels.

When treating an ill person, good doctor-patient communication and patient satisfaction are essential to maintaining a therapeutic doctor-patient relationship. A good physician engages in conversation with a patient to gather the necessary information to facilitate a correct diagnosis, followed by appropriate medical treatment.

These skills must be mastered to achieve the best outcome, essential for effective care delivery. So being a doctor isn’t just about handing out pills or fixing broken bones or torn tissue.

It requires being technically adept, knowing the craft of medicine and also a bit of “magic” which does not come from Alladin’s magic lamp but being an inclusive person who is both scholarly, sincere, friendly, kind, humble, patient, passionate, optimistic, efficient, equipped and ready to give the best of himself for the healing of his patients. Much more than medication, effective communication and strong interpersonal skills go a long way toward a patient’s recovery.

Although it is difficult to find so many virtues in a single soul, medicine is fertile ground for finding such mixtures, and “he” is the embodiment of what a doctor should be. His kindness to me, modest demeanor, and extraordinary interpersonal skills, while respecting his professional boundaries and standards, make him an exceptionally good physician.