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Rahul Roy returns to work; Sister Priyanka says, “Best Raksha Bandhan Gift” – Exclusive! | Hindi movie news


Rahul Roy, who was recovering from the stroke that hit him about nine months ago (November 2020), is now fitter and better. ETimes says he shot for a music video earlier this week and spent a full day on set, without any difficulty. The clip is directed by Azhar Hussain, who Rahul has known for a few years, said Rahul’s brother-in-law Romeer Sen.

Rahul’s recovery required a considerable investment of time and effort on the part of his sister Priyanka who discovered that something was wrong with Rahul while picking him up on the phone, brought him back to Mumbai with the helps Rahul’s relatives and admitted him to hospital. , and also treated him after his release from the second hospital to which he was admitted, in January 2021.

Priyanka said that she would have done anything for her brother whom she loves dearly. Priyanka added that Rahul had undergone both speech therapy and music therapy, and even shut down on non-vegetarian food. She added that getting Rahul back on her feet and getting back to filming is the best Raksha Bandhan (which is celebrated today) gift she could have had this year.

“The day Rahul faced the cameras again was very important to us. We thank God for getting him back on track. He is much better now, the only thing he is still working on is training and to say long sentences. It will take a while, but he is on the road to recovery, “Priyanka said.

“Rahul is also receiving many offers for promotional campaigns and films. God willing, he will be back fully,” added Romeer.

“There haven’t been a nights where we’ve been woken up by Rahul with any irritation, just because I’m still awake to take care of him,” Priyanka concluded, but not before Rahul came back to find out. say, “She is watching him closely, keeping a close eye on his pulse. She prepares healthy satvik food that contains kale, broccoli, drumsticks as well as fruits which are best for brain recovery.