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K-POP BTS sensation occurs again during live concerts. As part of the ongoing Permission to Dance on Stage concert, the band performed live for fans in Los Angeles. While the ARMYs are thrilled, there has been a lot of criticism about the organization of the concert.

In particular, the first concert took place on November 27 at the SoFi stadium. According to fans, there was quite a bit of disruption near the entrance to the venue. Not only were fans only letting in for half an hour before the show, staff were no longer checking tickets, bags or vaccination cards.

An ARMY even captured a clip of a stick allowing everyone to enter without checking. It was so much that the fans weren’t pushing each other. In fact, many managed to even sneak into the VIP section without purchasing an actual ticket.

In return, the concert had to start an hour late. “Apparently the concert was delayed for an hour and this is probably due to the volume of people online and the lack of organization on the part of the sofi staff,” one fan wrote on her Twitter account.

Fortunately, there was management intervention. After the first day, the team held a meeting to discuss what happened that evening and make things better. The reunion initially appeared to have paid off as fans felt more secure upon arriving at the site.

But by 5:30 p.m., conditions had become as bad as the day before. A fan clip showed that as the crowds grew, there was no proper organization on the part of the staff.

“One of the SoFi staff members stood on a rock, looked at the crowd and breathed a deep sigh of defeat,” another fan tweeted.

After the horrors that unfolded at the Astroworld Music Festival in Houston, Texas earlier this month, more precautions should have been taken to prevent the past event from happening again. With two more nights on the band’s Los Angeles touring schedule, the ARMYs are hoping staff will take further steps to improve the concert situation.