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Savannah Ré and Boi1da team up for new single “Closure” — Sidedoor Magazine


Savannah Ré fans are enthralled by the release of her latest album, “Closure”, which puts a unique spin on the soft and sultry traditional hits we love from Ré, as this song is her transition into a different musical dynamic than the R&B listeners have become obsessed with it.

The release of Drake’s “Honestly, Nevermind” and Beyoncé’s “Renaissance” – both of which featured new sound from the artists, are similar to the vibe we get from Re! “Closure” is a breakup track that describes Ré’s past relationship that had run its course, as the voicemail played at the start of the song is actually Ré’s own.

Although the song itself plays on an emotional moment in Ré’s life, she wanted the track to be uplifting with an energetic tone – which she surprisingly captured as she is able to put that endless positivity into such a situation. sensitive.

This is the second track Re has released for his upcoming EP, “No Weapons,” which fans have been eagerly awaiting for release later this year. “Closure” comes just in time for fall as it’s undeniably a great track to end the summer.

“Closure” is already poised to be one of Re’s biggest releases – as she’s already dominated the R&B industry with her hits “24hrs” and “Solid” – with which she won a Juno Award for Best traditional R&B soul. Recording in 2021. Having mastered the R&B industry, it won’t be surprising to see Ré top the charts with “Closure”, as this track is expected to be one of the most dynamic songs of his career.