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Singer JoJo posts touching TikTok after no award invitations



The award season is in full swing. With events like the Met Gala also making headlines, we can see who these organizers believe is still relevant. If you are relevant in the music industry, you are bound to be invited to an awards ceremony like the VMAs. When it comes to events like the Met Gala, you can be relevant in all kinds of different backgrounds and find yourself invited to the event. You can also pay for admission to the Met Gala, but $ 30,000 for a ticket keeps the VIP guest list. Unfortunately, singer Jojo discovered it the hard way.

Posting crying on TikTok

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Videos of people signing and crying much like those sad love song clips we had back then, most people have mixed feelings. On the one hand, you are bound to feel sad for the person in the video. On the other hand, there is usually a certain level of cringe that you just can’t shake. The video Jojo posted on TikTok was the perfect example of grinning and sadness. At the same time, it looks like she’s trying to be funny. Especially with this line on her coming period.


I never talk shit like that and I don’t think I deserve anything on anyone else – but I think I’ve lost a tiny bit of the cold that I have left.

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She throws up a whole bunch of emotions

The tearful face she makes in the video as she starts singing Miley Cyrus’ “Twinkle Song”. seems grossly overdone. It looks like she’s trying to laugh the hard way. As we mentioned, the legend of the period inside the video lightens the mood again. However, she eventually says that she is losing her temper. The whole thing, if you will, looks quite relevant! You may be sad, but you try to cope with it by laughing the hard way.

The fans supported her

Social media is most often a place where enemies dominate the comments section. Jojo seems to have done some things right, however. Her loyal fan base went to beat her when she saw how much she potentially suffered from a case of the blues. One fan said that not being invited was a sign that she “saved her soul.” While another fan really showed her a ton of love by saying,

“You deserve all the rewards that exist! You, at such a young age, you were killing him! They sleep / have slept on you!

What has she been doing lately?

Biden addresses the nation

It was around 2006 and 2007 when Jojo really hit it hard with his song “Too Little Too Late”. Since then, Jojo has really struggled to replicate that kind of success. Some of his more recent ventures include an appearance in the Masked Singer. It’s a good show, but generally not an indication that your career is going very well. She was also the voice of the official campaign anthem, so far, for President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris in 2020. She has a new single to be released on October 1 titled “Try Not to. think it”. Hopefully for her the song will be a success and that she will receive invitations next year.