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South Park’s Karen Remade Iconic MCU Scenes From Doctor Strange


The following contains spoilers for South Park: The Streaming Wars Part 2, now streaming on Paramount+.

In recent seasons of South To park, Randy Marsh was more eccentric than usual. He had an identity crisis, secretly making music as Lourde, not to mention he was neck-deep in the weed business. It is the latter that now takes up the most time, pushing him to earn money with Tegridy Farms.

Unfortunately, Randy caused a lot of chaos in the district by trying to crack Steve’s Credigree Weed. This resulted in the rivals clashing in The streaming war, not realizing that they were helping to create a drought that Pi-Pi could monetize by selling his urine. Fortunately, Part 2 Randy finally came to his senses, which led him to rework the most iconic Doctor Strange scenes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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It all came together when Randy had a touching conversation with his family. He had abused his wife, Sharon, and children, Stan and Shelly, for years, but this water shortage finally made him appreciate them. He regretted becoming a stoner, and more so how he turned into a Karen who lacked compassion and empathy.

It inspired him to become a geologist again, when the seasons began, but his desalination plant and his ambitions to convert seawater into drinking water were derailed when Pi-Pi sent ManBearBig to destroy the facility. Randy felt defeated, but his family had another intervention; this time, wanting her inner Karen to reappear. They hoped that it would change Randy and that he would go to the park to solve all his problems.

Sharon ended up revealing that she had the asset for her transformation – some of the Thanksgiving Special cannabis. Randy walked into the barn, lit his joint and then, using that marijuana, he started performing some of Doctor Strange’s MCU spells. True, while he saw glyphs and magic symbols, his family did not see anything, understanding how high he was. In the process, Randy created a ring similar to what Doctor Strange did in Spider-Man: No Coming Home for memory-altering spells. Luckily, Randy didn’t have Spider-Man to alter his “transformation spell.”

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Right after that, Randy copied the multi-armed pose that Strange did in Avengers: Infinity War. The Sorcerer Supreme, at this time, was using the Time Stone to sort out ways to beat Thanos, only discovering one. Unfortunately, it required the Snap and five years of deaths. But in Randy’s case, he exploited that and broke through the barn doors, revealing that the big, mean Karen was back.

He wanted answers, and it didn’t matter if he had to walk to Pi-Pi on foot. When he arrived, he demanded to see the director, with a high-pitched cry confirming the weed and those odd moments made Randy a force to be reckoned with. In the end, it brought out the villainous version of him; the one who inspired ManBearPig to turn on Pi-Pi, and who ended up saving the town by getting water from a less conventional source.

Both parts of South Park: The Streaming Wars are now streaming on Paramount+.