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Teon Releases New “Do You Wanna” Ft 3fifs Video With Pleasant And Reliable Tunes That Reflect His Emotional Moods


Teon, an aspiring hip-hop artist, comes from WEST PALM BEACH, where the calming vibes of the beach encourage you to put all your worries aside and enjoy the tropical sunlight amidst the American people. He is well known both by his professional name and as the exultant master who has generated several successes. His biggest hit, however, will always be the unusual rap tune. ‘Do you want’ Ft 3fifs. The track has already been streamed a million times. After the highly anticipated release, All In Entertainment and Slip N Slide receive international recognition. With this exclusive interview, he takes the time to discuss his recording experience in the industry. Learn more about your musical idol in this conversation with the one and only native of WEST PALM BEACH. Please visit his YouTube and Instagram profile to stay up to date with all the latest news regarding his new musical creation.

Hello Teon! Congratulations on the colossal popularity of your recent song, and thank you for doing this interview with us!

Q: Fans are very excited about this interview because it involves revolutionary musician Teon. What do you think of your most recent releases?

Reply : Well, the city of West Palm Beach has definitely supported me since the start of this video. I think my new release went really well and the response I got after my first night out of the music video, we had about 200 people showing up, that was good.

Q: …… What do you think of your success?

Reply : Hopefully after working with big names like trick daddy and 3fifs, we can explode a lot.

Q: “Do You Wanna” has received over a million streams. Did that seem strange to you for a little while?

Reply : It was at first, but just seeing my numbers increase day by day has been amazing and the team we have made made it all possible.

Q: I was in deep trouble when I discovered new music releases on YouTube. How did you come up with such original musical concepts?

Reply : Well about 5 years ago I was making music with 3fifs, flyguy and bloopie, and they always told me I had a different sound, so when my producer introduced me to this beat, I knew that was the song that would put me on the Raise.

Q: Your songs use a simple approach that connects two stories. What adjectives would you use to describe your music?

Reply : Gravitating.

Q: What have been the main musical inspirations in your life?

Reply : Trick dad because he was ready to help a new artist take it to the next level.

Q: You can compose both poetic lyrics and thunderous hip hop rhythms. What type of project do you prefer to work on?

Reply : I like hip hop rhythms and reasoning because I have a different sound.

Q: Have you ever thought about making freestyle music?

Reply : Yes always.

Q: Your musical endeavors are taken very seriously. What more do you have up your sleeve that people should know?

Reply : Well I’m doing a video for the single Baja feat 3fifs and Bloopie, another artist from Florida, it’s gonna hit the town like a plague.

Q: Who are your cultural icons in this industry?

Answer: Well Chris Brown, Drake.

Q: Would you like to share words of wisdom with those who strive for success in business like you?

Reply : Just keep fighting for the best song, let everyone say you can’t do it because just because.

Q: What is your absolute favorite instrument, and why can’t you exclude it from a recording?

Reply : The piano makes a sound of pain and awareness.