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The Best Alcohol Addiction Treatment of 2022 in Delray Beach, Florida is Researching Mindfulness-Based Therapy


DELRAY BEACH, FL, March 26, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Aloha Detox, Premier Florida alcohol detoxrenowned for its evidence-based treatments and holistic therapies, today announced the conclusion of its large research study which found positive behavioral changes in clients who participated in its research program.

Aloha Detox, located near Delray Beach, Florida, is facilitated by board-certified therapists who combine 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous with intensive therapy and other mindfulness activities to strengthen recovery goals. The research was conducted by former therapists and counselors with the goal of in-depth analysis of which therapies best integrate with the mind and environment of addicts to heal and achieve their recovery goals. The test was carried out, at the premises of Aloha Detox, on various parameters, and the results were determined on the emotional well-being, the mindfulness skills developed and the obsessions after the end of the program.

The meditation and brain methodology are closely linked and have proven a variety of neurological benefits. Mindfulness has shown consistent results in levels of anxiety, depression, and improved attention, concentration, and overall psychological health. Participants who actively engaged in meditations developed better mental health, improved self-confidence, enhanced self-confidence, and reduced overthinking.

Research has observed changes in emotional behavior, better self-control, responses to stress in different situations, and decreased cravings for alcohol.

“We have seen a significant increase in admission to the program completion,” said Nicole, the therapist involved in the research. “The study was conducted at our facility to amplify the results associated with integrating mindfulness and meditation into recovery programs as well as existing treatment programs using the 12-step approach. To our Alcohol Rehab Delray Beach, we randomly picked patients involved in substance abuse, some were deeply soaked while others faced dual diagnosis issues.

“Periodically, we introduced the therapy to 10 patients with a mindfulness meditation regimen in the morning for 15 minutes. We worked with them at our addiction center in Florida and worked to rewire their brains in the right direction to develop healthy and empowering habits,” she added.

“When we found positive results, we poured meditation therapy before they dozed off. Sleep is essential in recovery and even in day-to-day life. People often rely on sedative substances in due to anxiety deprivation or make them fall asleep. Incorporating meditation into their regimen before sleep time has been shown to be a better, natural and safe healing alternative.”

Initially, alcohol spawns the brain’s reward system and releases the “happiness hormone” – dopamine. Over time, chronic alcohol consumption can exhaust the brain and cause cravings for alcohol and lay the foundation for alcohol addiction. Studies have shown that meditation and mindfulness treatment increases dopamine levels by up to 65% during meditation. This release of dopamine for health increases brain reward, so the recovering person has decreased cravings or urges to take drugs or drink alcohol.

Certain specific poses and postures enhance the feeling of relaxation and calm. In addition to breathing techniques, asanas, yoga, it can help a person create better balance and acceptance of things.

Alcohol Treatment Center Florida, at Aloha Detox, there are structured mindfulness exercises that include:

Pay attention

Observe small things about what is happening around you. Patients are trained to listen more. In practice, judging a person or the remarks made would be recognized and abandoned to make way for listening to what a person wants to elucidate without judgment.

live in the moment

Often, people repay things from the past and constantly end up with a cycle of overthinking, fueling stress, anxiety, and various other health issues. Mindfulness therapy would help a person live in the moment, look at their surroundings, find joy in small things, and get the most out of life with gratitude.

walk and sit

A lap Florida Addiction Treatment Center, patients are free to choose a corner and sit comfortably and follow walking and sitting meditation practices, nose breathing and focusing on breathing movements. Slow breathing helps to ingest more oxygen and achieve a healthy state of mind. By learning these techniques and methodologies, patients can add those efforts when walking to make the whole process more enjoyable when moving.

“We witnessed cognitive flexibility, amygdala calming, improved mental focus, reduced negative bias, improved mental health and increased compassion.When a person is stuck in rigid patterns, they experience stress, anxiety, and depression.Our therapists have worked with each patient personally and helped them adapt to flexible thinking and improve positive emotions. With mindfulness practices, patients declutter their minds and move away from certain pathways that lead them away from their serenity and past traumas. Additionally, it helps the brain to adapt to positive responses to stressful circumstances,” added Vanessa, senior therapist at Aloha Detox.

For the best alcohol treatment and holistic healing, other therapies have been included:

Acupuncture therapy
Therapeutic massage
Reiki Therapy
yoga therapy
EMDR therapy
Expressive therapy
animal-assisted therapy
Medication management
Individual therapy
group therapy
family therapy
Cognitive-behavioral therapy
Dialectical behavior therapy
Music therapy

Comprehensive alcohol and drug addiction treatment center, Aloha Detox, Top Rehab Center in Delray Beach, Florida.

Meditation and mindfulness are not a panacea, but they have positively influenced those who have consistent diets. For the best alcohol treatment, mindfulness training, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, and mindfulness-based relapse prevention skills are deeply rooted to treat addiction.

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