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The county offers adult day services

Hillsborough County offers a range of programs for residents with dementia and other disabilities and for caregivers through Adult Day Services. Hillsborough County will also be celebrating National Caregiver Week Monday through Friday, November 15-19 with several virtual programs.

If you are an adult caregiver or know of an adult Hillsborough County resident in need of services, please review everything Hillsborough County has to offer through County Adult Day Services. Adult Day Services operates four centers in Hillsborough County. Currently, the centers are closed due to the pandemic. All services are currently offered virtually and are good for residents 60 years of age and over who have dementia or a disability or their caregiver.

Each resident who applies undergoes a personal assessment that results in a personal care plan that meets the resident’s individual needs. The personal care plan addresses therapeutic, social and health needs. Because there are nurses on staff, the physical well-being of residents is also addressed.

According to Michael Pullman, General Manager of Adult Day Services, “The programs are designed to give adults with dementia or disabilities a way to stay engaged (out of the home when centers reopen) and to give caregivers a break. . “

The most important aspect is to ensure that residents stay healthy and active. The services are also designed to support caregivers.

Activities include Brain Boosters and Music Therapy. Support groups for caregivers caring for people with Alzheimer’s are also available.

Elissa Bass, RN, Nurse Manager for Adult Day Services, said, “We want people to know that we are still active and providing services despite the fact that the centers are currently closed.”

Services are paid for through a variety of means, including through VA, subsidy services, or self-pay on a sliding scale. Eligibility to participate is based on the assessment, which examines physical and mental needs as well as income and other factors.

During the month of November, Hillsborough County Adult Day Services will celebrate National Caregiver Week Monday through Friday, November 15-19. Several well thought-out programs for a three-day online forum on “Continuing Care” will be offered.

Speakers will include Eileen Poiley, Director of Education at USF Health on Monday, November 15; Dr Nicole Crawford on Tuesday, November 16; and Michelle Keaton, general program support coordinator for the VA; and Miriam Gonzalez, life coach, on Wednesday, November 17.

Anyone interested in participating in National Caregiver Week programs should contact Pullman at 853-1002, and he will forward registration information.

For more information on Hillsborough County Adult Day Services, please visit www.hillsboroughcounty.org.

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