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This summer – Trendy


Rose and her parents have been trekking in the small town of Awago for as long as she can remember. And every summer she meets Windy, who is kind of like the sister she never had and whose family has a cabin just down the road.

Each year, it is the two of them who walk in the woods, play on the nearby beach, collect shells, listen to music, etc. And this year, it’s kind of the same… but again, it’s not.

This year, the girls are seeing things they might not have paid attention to before. Rose realizes that her parents aren’t as happy. There’s a silent tension between them that she can feel in the air but can’t quite grasp. And the girls are also starting to notice the local teens: the words they use, the things they drink, their dirty talk about sex.

Rose begins to pay attention to one teenager in particular, who must be at less five years older than her and Windy (although Windy thinks it’s more). This guy, Dunk, works at the convenience store in Awago. He calls Windy hip-hop and pink blonde. Rose likes the nickname. It makes her feel like an adult.

In fact, Rose and Windy will be discovering a lot more adult stuff this summer. Some of them will be secret stuff, some will be sad, and some will be downright scary. And for a teenage couple, these things won’t always be easy to understand.