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UOA launches a Co-Living wellness center in Cheras for the elderly


KUALA LUMPUR, May 16 – UOA Group has launched a cohabitation and wellness center in Kuala Lumpur, equipped with medical and care services, for the elderly, considered the largest of its kind in Southeast Asia. .

The development called Komune Life and Wellbeinglocated along 99 acres of serene parkland in Cheras, is the first integrated facility in Asia that combines co-living spaces for the elderly with a dedicated wellness center that will offer professional elderly care services, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and luxury treatment options for both residents and transient clients.

“Our goal with Komune Living & Wellness is to create a safe and engaging community for seniors, where they can actively age with all the facilities and support they need to maintain their physical and mental well-being. In many In some cases, older people are displaced as their care needs change over time, but this can be unsettling and disruptive to them and their relationships.

“That’s why Komune Living & Wellness was designed to support retirees at different stages of their aging journey. We can provide a hotel-like environment and experience for independent and active seniors, as well as medical care and l assistance that others may need,” said Mark Chen, general manager of Komune Living and Wellness at the May 12 launch.

“There were a lot of to research which shows that community and social engagement ties are one of the key factors of maintenance of health and longevity, and this philosophy has driven the development of Komune Living & Wellness. We believe that our senior co-living model, supported by high-quality communal facilities and activities, as well as top-notch on-site facilities and medical care, offers a unique solution. Our residents can “age in place” in a stimulating and fun environment where they can form long-term friendships and bonds, while enjoying many rewarding and fun activities. »

Komune Living & Wellness offers residents and guests over 20 different amenities and facilities in 40,000 square feet of space dedicated to wellness and community activities. Indoor facilities include a heated swimming pool, jacuzzi, game rooms, KTV rooms, cinema room, specially equipped gymnasium, activity studios, community lounge, community kitchen, community dining room and laundries.

Outdoor facilities include a swimming pool, outdoor gym, rooftop farm and direct access to the park (Taman Tasik Permaisuri) which includes a lake and many trails.

The lower levels of the development are accessible to the public and feature a number of other amenities for guests, residents, and visiting friends and family to enjoy. These include a 12,000 square foot food court with over 400 seats and 12 food stalls offering a range of popular food options, a convenience store, pharmacy, hair and beauty salon, childcare center and other catering outlets (F&B) . Alongside this there will be a range of other amenities, including a number of doctor’s surgeries.

These will include a general medicine practice, a dental practice, daycare outpatient screening services, a medical aesthetic clinic and even an anti-aging clinic offering services such as stem cell treatments. These practices will be managed by healthcare professionals from UMH Healthcare & Medical Group.

Other aspects of the holistic health of residents and visitors will also be seamlessly supported through a partnership between UOA Group and the Wellness Specialist Tong Xin Tang. Tong Xin Tang, an established and reputable Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) company, will help those interested in holistic medicine to balance their yin and yang and improve their Qi through a diverse range of TCM services, including acupuncture, massage, cupping and more.

Komune Living & Wellness’ large Tong Xin Tang facility will feature more than 50 private consultation and treatment rooms. Residents will also benefit from optional and free TCM health lectures and seminars, Qi Gong training sessions, and nutritional and dietary counseling.

Additionally, senior residents of Komune Living & Wellness will be able to access a variety of additional care services provided by Komune Care – a dedicated wellness partner created through a collaboration between UOA Group and Conciergea specialist in the residence for the elderly.

Komune Care consists of 260 resort-type assisted living suites, as well as a dedicated day care center for the elderly, making it the largest in Malaysia at 6,600 square feet. Supported by experienced nurses and caregivers, all overlooking the tranquil park and lake, seniors will receive essential care as they participate in the enriching community, cognitive and physical wellness activities. These activities are specifically designed by occupational therapists to best meet their care needs and include a music therapy program.

“In Malaysia, many children look after their parents, which is a fantastic tradition, as strong family ties are also important in helping people age gracefully. However, due to the hectic demands of modern working life, many seniors spend a lot of time alone at home, often without the kind of stimulation and community they need to maintain their physical and mental well-being, without whether it is the fault of their family. “, Chen said.

“Alongside the official opening of Komune Living & Wellness, I am also pleased to announce that an Elderly Care Fund of RM500,000 will be established to provide financial assistance to eligible young working families in dire need. support to take care of their aging. parents due to unforeseen financial difficulties.

“The fund will be channeled to provide holistic support for seniors by extending grants to eligible families in difficult circumstances in the form of senior care services at Komune Living & Wellness. We hope this meaningful cause will bring support closer to seniors in need and enable them to live better and age comfortably.

Co-living senior residents will have access to independent or supported housing options within the development. Independent living studios are suitable for independent and active retirees, but can be customized to include special services such as full-time or part-time care packages, emergency response system, medical escort services and healthy meal plans.

Assisted Living Studios are designed for seniors who require 24-hour caregiver assistance. In addition to the optional services listed above, Assisted Living Studios also include a digital diary accessible via the mobile app, a range of essential care services and hospital quality beds.

Each floor will have a dedicated 24-hour care team and new residents will also undergo a medical assessment upon arrival, to properly assess the level of support required from the Komune Care team, who will create a individualized service plan for each resident.

The management and concierge team will be dedicated to both caring for and stimulating residents through regular community events, including activities in the park, daily morning and evening exercises, leisure activities daily, weekly walks and classes, regular group workshops and even external excursions.

All of this is designed to create an exciting and harmonious environment for residents, helping them make new friends and build social bonds – creating a real community, which has been shown to improve mental health and longevity. . More independent and active retirees and other residents will also enjoy free scheduled shuttle transfer to Sunway Velocity Mall and nearby transportation hubs.

Komune Living & Wellness offers a total of 791 co-living units in eight formats, including studios, two-bedroom studios and one-bedroom suites ranging in size from 173 square feet to 573 square feet. In addition to the Independent Living Studios and Assisted Living Studios dedicated to seniors, other rooms in the development will be available to rent for short and long term stays.

The development’s location along beautiful parkland, and also close to the city center, popular shopping destinations, several hospitals as well as a key transportation hub, makes it attractive to anyone considering a cohabitation lifestyle – especially those who focus on their own health and well-being.

“The convenient location makes Komune Living & Wellness ideal, not only for senior citizens and their visitors, who will also enjoy the hotel-style facilities and grounds, but also for anyone who wishes to enjoy the benefits of living together – especially the possibility of ‘live-light’ with flexible obligations, greater accessibility and shared facilities that foster relationships and friendships,” Chen said.

“Residents will be able to enjoy hotel-quality services, amenities and amenities in a communal atmosphere where they will feel right at home.” They will also have the same range of healthcare and care options available to them as our senior residents, making it a real hub for those who truly care about their own well-being,” concluded Mark.

Prices for independent living studios for active seniors will start from RM2,100+ per month. Prices for assisted living studios for seniors who require more dedicated and 24 hour personalized care will start from RM6,800 per month which includes a range of care services, activities daily life and community and social programs. Membership for the Elderly Daycare starts from RM3,500 per month.

Prices for standard co-living rooms will start from RM179+ per night and will be available for booking on the property’s website and other major hotel booking platforms, for short term stays . Prices for extended stays (but less than 3 months) will start from RM2,100+ per month. Prices for long stays (more than 3 months) will start from RM1,850+ per month.