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Watch: Musicians organize street session to send ‘oldest’ music store to Dublin


Heartwarming scenes erupted outside Dublin’s “oldest” music store over the weekend as punters bid farewell.

The Charles Byrne music store has been selling musical instruments for 150 years and closed permanently on Saturday.

In the video, a group of musicians celebrate the legendary store with a rendition of Wagon Wheel as passers-by cheer them on.

Fans of the store took to the comments section of the post to celebrate the store and share their memories.

One of them wrote: “So sad – this legendary music store is closing its doors. Best wishes and thanks to the Byrne family. Another little piece of authentic Dublin escaping.”

Another wrote: “A terrible loss for the city and its musicians. But, it was a beautiful send-off.”

A third user simply wrote: “Joyous”.

The store announced its closure on Facebook, explaining that family illness is the cause of the store’s closure.

They wrote: “This is an announcement I never thought I would make, certainly not two or three years ago.

“But life changed dramatically (for many of us) around this time and very difficult decisions had to be made.

“We have not been opened due to a family illness and the past few weeks have been extremely difficult and emotional in addition to some very difficult years.

“The question of the continuity of the store has been a constant problem.

“The harsh reality lies between Covid blockages and full-time care, continuing to exchange is really not an option.

“It would take a level of commitment, time, money and emotions that none of us are able to give; life is short and a work-life balance must be restored.

“I know many of you will understand this and have experienced similar choices. I hope you all understand this decision.”

The statement continued, “I have fondest memories of feiles, sales days, ukuhoolies, sales nights, workshops and Saturdays where some of you were calling just to chat.

“Great friendships and I sincerely hope that lasting friendships have emerged.

“We are so sad to say goodbye to these days, but we know we are making a decision that is good for us as a family. Leaving 150 years of tradition behind is difficult.

“Thank you all sincerely for the support, the custom, the laughter, the kindness and the joy you have given us.”

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